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Two Eggs a Day – End of Week One

Sunday through Wednesday went pretty well. Meals were good and what little snacking I did involved fruit and nuts. My portions at dinner are good, but are starting to fall below Fred Flintstone levels…

EXCEPT a couple of chocolate truffles at work late in the day Tuesday. Dense, rich, complex. Truly, evilly, spectacular. I’ll post the name of the manufacturer if you aren’t good. There’s an unopened box in our office; let’s see how long I last.

Chocolate truffles are bad news

Here’s the scale Wednesday morning. Sorry for the resolution – it was 4 am and the house was dark and I am not so good with my camera phone.

End of Week One Weight

Six pounds down. Not bad for a holiday week; admittedly still working to burn off the effects of the Mexican food orgy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I rode the stationary bike twice and took  a brisk 45 minute walk on New Year’s Eve when it was a freakish 55 degrees in Chicago.

I admit exercise has some kind of role but a little is just fine for starters; I’ll add more later if I feel like it. Be assured I am not inclined to do all that much, but do promise to watch a lot of sports on television.