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Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Three

New Year’s Eve and I hosted a party for about 20 people. I love to taste as I cook and because I was making a lot of tasty things, I knew I needed some help. First thing in the morning, I took a Safest Choice egg and whipped it with a fork into some kefir. I was in the kitchen cooking all morning but didn’t feel hungry and didn’t snack. Early afternoon I was so busy I just had another pasteurized egg mini shake. And I never snacked.

I had a single, regular human size portion of most of what I cooked (Food porn section: Top sirloin in a mushroom reduction, garlic feta mashed potatoes, artichoke and sun dried tomato salad, tortelloni quick fried in garlic and olive oil, and my son Joe V’s creation: sausage, blue cheese and mango stuffed mushroom caps and finally a little of his pineapple upside down cake with pomegranate foam).

I stayed with red wine most of the night and had a little champagne. But in the end, split a shaker of martinis with my brother Tim, which we needed on no level but enjoyed nonetheless. It was a tough year that came out alright in the end. I’m glad it’s behind us and sad to see it go.

Splitting some martinis