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Annual Team Bowling Event

For the last few years Safest Choice eggs hosts a bowling event for the employees that work at the Lansing, IL home office. Like the previous years, this year’s bowling outing was a really fun experience.  For some newer team members this was their first outing with co-workers and everyone agreed it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Because everyone at Safest Choice eggs really appreciates working with such a wonderful group of people, and  each person has his or her own personality but they all blend well together,  deciding on partners for the tournament had to be done randomly by drawing names.

Then three rounds were  played. Each game was different, the first was bowling poker where if you got a strike or spare you got playing cards.  The team with the best hand at the end won.  The next was best high score and the last was wacky bowling.

For this game each frame had a different “style” to roll the ball down the lane.  One frame you had to bowl with you opposite hand, one with your eyes closed, one you had to sit and push the ball with your feet. The last round kept everyone laughing the whole time!  The whole team seemed to really enjoy the function and appreciated getting to get to know their coworkers outside of the office.