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Chantel Arsenault

Chantel has been with Safest Choice for two years and manages social media, digital communications and is the editor of this blog. Previous professional experience includes marketing and public relations. Chantel received a BS in Public Relations from Ball State University in 2007. She enjoys cooking, travel, being outdoors, and trying new restaurants in Chicago.

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On-The-Go Breakfast Shortcut Recipes

With kids heading back-to-school soon, if not already, breakfast might be on-the-go in your house. Below we have shared three of our super quick breakfast shortcut recipes to help you feed your kids something nutritious before you all head out the door for your busy day.

1. Mini Banana Pancakes

2. Quick Banana Muffins 3. Minute Soufflés

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Raw Egg Whites for Smoothies and Traditional Recipes

Should you use raw egg whites in your smoothies? Incorporating adequate high-quality protein into your smoothies increases the nutritional value and impact on your health.

In fact, egg whites offer gold-standard, high-quality protein that is easily used by your body for building muscle, enhancing immune function, and promoting wellness—making them a favorite of fitness fans. You can add raw egg whites to nearly any smoothie recipe for a simple and convenient protein boost.

Nutrition facts for raw egg whites

A single, large raw egg white offers 4 grams of protein with just 16 calories. With no carbohydrates, its glycemic load is 0.

Raw eggs whites – culinary opportunities

Raw egg whites have been traditionally featured in home-style cooking for

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Eggs: Safe from Avian Flu?

Do news reports about outbreaks of avian flu or “bird flu” have you wondering?

Recent news of avian flu findings in North America began appearing in December, 2014.  According to Agri-Pulse (April 23, 2015), “The H5N2 strain of avian influenza was first confirmed in January in the Pacific Northwest and has since spread to the Midwest, and recently to Iowa, the nation’s top egg-producing state.”

Avian flu was also confirmed to have spread to Nebraska. On May 14, Nebraska Governor, Pete Ricketts, declared a state of emergency due to the avian flu outbreak, joining Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa as states that have taken the same action so far.

As many as 47 million birds have been affected by the

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What is pasteurized?

Many people hear the word pasteurized and wonder exactly what it involves. The term pasteurized refers to the all-natural technique of applying heat to food products for a precise period of time. The goal? To eliminate bacteria that can cause foodborne illness. Some of the most commonly pasteurized foods are:

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Coloring Eggs – A Glimpse into Traditions

Coloring eggs for spring celebrations is a time-honored tradition that crosses many cultures and faiths. According to Farmers’ Almanac, the ancient Egyptians gave each other colored eggs to celebrate spring’s arrival. So did the Persians before them.

The egg is often viewed as a symbol of rebirth. According to the Feasts of Feasts website, “It was customary in ancient times to go and gather different colored eggs from the nests of a variety of birds. Some suggest that may be what gave rise to egg hunts and dyeing of eggs, for people were imitating the tinted eggs of wild birds, and mimicking the colors of spring with its array of pastel flowers and blossoms in bloom.”

Farmers’ Almanac says the Pennsylvania Dutch carried the egg-coloring tradition to America in the

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