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About: Debbie Campbell, RD, LD

Debbie Campbell is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in practice for over 25 years. She holds a Certificate in Adult Weight Management from the American Dietetic Association. She has enjoyed a fulfilling career helping people change their lives by working as a Clinical Dietitian for New Direction Weight Management Center in Orland Park, Illinois, and as the Clinical Dietitian for Palos Health and Fitness Center.

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Salmonella – WHAT it is and WHY you need to avoid it!

Salmonella is a type of bacteria known to have caused illnesses for over a century. There are many types or strains, the most common in the U.S. being a strain called Salmonella enteritidis. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 1.4 million cases of salmonella occur in the United States alone, with 40,000 cases confirmed by positive culture identification. Approximately 400 persons die each year of Salmonella infections.

Symptoms and complications caused by Salmonella

The onset of the illness is 12 to 72 hours after the initial ingestion of contaminated food. Symptoms include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps, and the infection usually lasts 4 to 7 days. Most persons recover without treatment, but in some the diarrhea may be so severe that it may require

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Protein for Peak Performance

Whether you hit the gym a few days a week, or are a daily workout enthusiast, protein plays an integral part in helping you meet your fitness goals.

We tend to think of carbohydrate being the staple of a sports diet; indeed it is the primary energy source for high intensity and endurance workouts, especially those requiring speed and/or stamina. Fueling the body for peak performance includes consuming some form of carbohydrate before exercise. This nutrient also aids in the body’s ability to recover after exercise.  Stored energy in the form of glycogen in the muscle may be exhausted or “spent�? during a workout. Therefore, carbohydrate should be consumed immediately following exercise to replenish the muscle.  If exercise lasts more than 75

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Food Safety for Summer Picnics and Barbeques

Summer fun is linked with certain foods:  appetizers such as fresh veggies and sour cream dip; potato and pasta salads; grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, marinated chicken breast or pork tenderloin. What do these foods have in common?  They can all make you sick if you don’t observe safe food handling practices.

What is food borne illness?  It is an exponential growth of disease-causing bacteria in the human body set up to proliferate under “perfect�? conditions:  food that has been handled by someone carrying that bacteria (and not necessarily sick themselves) and/or poor handling of foods that create ideal conditions for growth of harmful bacteria and viruses.  Populations at greatest risk are the elderly, anyone with a compromised immune system (taking immune-suppressing drugs such as cancer treatments or

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R.D.’s Perspective: What Factors Influence Overeating?

Safest Choice™ is pleased to feature Debbie Campbell’s expert nutritional insights as part of the R.D.’s Perspective blog series.

I have enjoyed many years of counseling individuals who were embarking on weight loss, some for the first time, but most had tried losing weight many, many times before.  Some interesting questions I heard were “what makes people overeat?�? and “I eat healthy food; why can’t I lose weight?�?

Brian Wansink is a scientist with the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.  His fascinating body of work has focused on the phenomena of “Mindless Eating.�?  Mindless eating occurs when we eat a large quantity of food, and in fact, deriving very little satisfaction from it.   He is a very interesting writer and researcher exploring the reasons why people

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R.D.’s Perspective

Safest Choice™ is pleased to feature Debbie Campbell’s expert insights as part of Jay’s Two Safe Eggs a Day Weight Loss blog series.

Smart Snacking

One of the most difficult things to do while attempting to lose weight is dealing with late afternoon and early evening hunger.  Many people watching their portions, calories, points, etc., often need a plan to manage those hunger pangs late in the workday; halfway between lunch and dinner can be a most uncomfortable time.  So, how does one manage this without blowing the diet, and what types of foods work for this mid-afternoon snack?

First, we need to look at lunch; make sure that those calories and nutrients are adequate.  If lunch consists of a simple green salad with low-calorie

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