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Debbie Rayhab is the Director of Healthcare Marketing for Safest Choice. After receiving her Masters degree at Loyola University, Debbie worked in various positions with Baxter Healthcare, Kraft Foodservice, Nashville Medical Group and Dietary Products. With a passion for food and education, she enjoys working with customers in many different segments of the food industry. Debbie is currently in the process of completing her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Health/Wellness.

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American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Conference in New Orleans

Did you know that according to, the state of Louisiana has an obesity prevalence of more than 32%?

In the next 30 days, diabetes educators will converge on the city of New Orleans for the Annual Diabetes Educator Conference. The timing seems appropriate in that obesity and diabetes are interrelated. Trending for both obesity and diabetes continues to grow and has many health professionals collaborating on best practices for behavioral interventions.

When we look at diabetes alone, the most current statistics indicate that 1 in 11 Americans will have Type I Diabetes or Type II Diabetes. The “Stop Diabetes�? campaign projects that in every 19 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes. Learn more at—Diabetes by the Numbers.

If you are attending

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Eggs: A Piece of the Fitness Puzzle for National Nutrition Month®

This March, we again join the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in celebrating National Nutrition Month®. The theme for 2015 is “Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle,” which encourages everyone to adopt healthy nutrition choices and a routine of physical activity. This powerful combo can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent chronic disease, and feel great!

Fitness + nutrition can help you maintain muscle mass

Most people start losing some muscle after age 30. But you can tackle this trend. Says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Men and women should participate in muscle strengthening activities that work the major muscle groups (legs, hips, back, chest, abdomen, shoulders and arms) at least two times each week. Examples of strength training include lifting

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Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

From trans fat to saturated fat to polyunsaturated fats – it can be confusing to know which you should eat and which you should avoid.

Own the Yolk

One food people used to avoid for heart health is egg yolks. The tide has changed, as nutrition research is unscrambling the dietary cholesterol myth. The American Heart Association now recommends that an egg yolk can be part of a healthy eating plan every day. In fact, 43% of the protein in an egg comes from the yolk. So, too, do many other nutrients, like iron, choline, vitamin D, and healthful omega-3s. The American Heart Association announced in 2012 that egg yolks can help prevent stroke due to their vitamin D content. Get egg recipes

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Healthy Weight with Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs

Happy New Year! This is a great time to kick start the new year with a fresh approach to healthy weight and healthy lifestyle.

Tips to Promote Healthy Weight

We did a quick review of what factors are important in building successful weight loss and/or weight management goals. Research tells us a simple bottom line: A combination of diet and exercise are key factors for success. Healthy food choices and exercise go hand in hand.

Eggs can Help You Achieve your Weight Goals

Did you know that eggs can play a role in your healthy eating plan? Check out the infographic below. For a great list of health tips, download Healthy Weight & Living Well. To access additional references on healthy

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How Sweet It is: Baking with Agave

This holiday season when you are baking for friends, family and Santa, you may find yourself exploring the many sugar options. We have plenty to choose from—white table sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses—and of course, artificial sweeteners. From a nutritional standpoint, sugar is a carbohydrate offering four calories per gram, or about 15 calories in a teaspoon.

Recipes Using Agave Nectar

For many people with diabetes, artificial and natural sweeteners are perfect solutions to cut out calories, reduce carbohydrates and still enjoy those holiday desserts. Have you tried agave as a sweetener? In our Light Devonshire Cream Sauce recipe we chose Agave nectar because this natural sugar ranks low on the glycemic index (GI), which measures how high food raises blood sugar.

If you are trying to reduce your sugar intake and glycemic

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