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Jay Berglind

Jay Berglind is Vice President of Business Development at National Pasteurized Eggs and a food safety troublemaker.

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Ancel Keys and the Lipid Hypothesis (continued)

So how did everybody get the lipid hypothesis wrong? 

It starts with Ancel. He lied. Well, he fudged data, which is pretty much the same as lying. He left off the countries, 15 out 22, that contradicted his theory. It turns out there was a relatively weak correlation between high fat diets and CVD. A better correlative was wealth which led to more sedentary lifestyles and, at least during the 50s, more smoking (see TV show Mad Men).  But Ancel, like the mad scientist in the movie when his experiment goes horribly wrong, stuck to his theory and never fessed up to the cooking the books.

Part of the problem was the nature of consensus. Given acceptance of a theory that holds together

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Ancel Keys and the Lipid Hypothesis

Lately, almost all new information about eggs has been positive. This week the Egg Nutrition Center presented   new research that highlights the role high protein eggs play in increased satiety and reduced hunger hormones. There has been new appreciation of the value of low glycemic foods for diabetics, the importance of nutrients like choline lutein and xeazanthin.

Perhaps more exciting is that a lot of the old theories about eggs have been reassessed or outright de-bunked. Today the New York Times wrote an article about a recent study that looked at the idea that people inherit any of a wide variety of genetic variations that determine how much HDL cholesterol they produce.

For 40 years or longer, eggs were a dietary

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Final Two Safe Eggs a Day Post

I must begin this post by apologizing. I know it has been three months since I wrote a “Two Eggs a Day�? post but it is better late than never. During my two eggs a day journey I lost over 20 pounds in 90 days.

What I learned

During those 90 days I read a lot. I got advice from our Registered Dietitian, Debbie Campbell. I found a lot of new data supports that food sources for nutrients are much better than vitamins and supplements. I confirmed that for me at least, processed sugar and starches not only made me feel lousy and lethargic, but also made me fat and bloated. This helped me learn that all calories are not equal. I felt better when I got nutrition from whole and wholesome real foods rather than processed

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Remembering our Friend, Vagn

Last weekend there was a memorial service for Vagn Forrisdahl. Vagn was one of the first employees of NPE and the first full-time sales person. He was only 62 when he died on April 25 from cancer, made doubly cruel as it seemed he would beat it.

We all considered Vagn a great friend, but that does not adequately capture the energy, the humanity and the amusement he brought to everything he did, including his time at NPE.

So it was fitting that he requested not a funeral but a party. It was lovely afternoon in a park by his home and the drinking and dancing  lasted far into the evening. Greg West, Mary Webb and I attended from the

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Two Safe Eggs a Day: End of Week Eight

So, two months down and 15 pounds gone. I have generally fallen below 2 pounds a week but this week I feel like I got away with something. And whatever that something was, it smelled like garlic.

Dining out during week eight

First we had a board meeting and a dinner the night before. We went to Greek Town where the meal was okay – the lamb chops were good for mutton – but I got reacquainted with my old friend skordalia, a Greek staple that is whipped potato with garlic spread, but that description doesn’t do it justice. The ratio of garlic to starch is such that it is almost hot in your mouth. As long as everyone at the table eats

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