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Molly Bray Yunek

Molly Bray Yunek is a registered dietitian and the Health and Wellness Marketing Manager at Davidson's Safest Choice®. In this role, she collaborates with clients and health influencers by supporting their health and wellness initiatives. With a background in retail and nutrition communications, Molly focuses on providing practical and credible nutrition resources. Following the simple philosophy that good health and great flavor do go hand in hand, Molly loves spending time in the kitchen developing nutrient dense recipes with a twist. Prior to her role with Davidson's Safest Choice®, Molly was a retail dietitian with Jewel Osco in Chicago, IL. During her time with Jewel, she worked on bringing manufacturers, community partners, and customers together with nutrition and wellness initiatives.

Recent Posts by Molly Bray Yunek

September is National Family Meals Month™

This September we are celebrating National Family Meals Month™. Family life can be hectic and getting everyone to sit down around the table to enjoy a meal together might not always be an option. But research has shown that just a few meals per week shared between parents and their children can have several health benefits. Kids and teens who share meals with their families three or more times per week are less likely to be overweight, more likely to eat healthier foods, and show more respect for their families.

Quick and easy meal ideas

We understand time can be limited during the week. Here are a few quick and easy skillet meals that everyone in the family will love. Each is ready in less than 30 minutes and only requires one pan so clean up is a

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Healthy Post-Workout Snacking

Breakfast is typically touted as the most important meal of the day. We have heard time and time again about the importance of refueling within the first few hours of waking after a night’s rest, as we are essentially fasting while we sleep. However, we might not be considering the other time of day when replenishing and refueling our bodies is in similar demand—post-workout. For those of us able to be physically active a few days a week, it is vitally important to nourish our bodies after breaking a sweat.

Replenish your body’s stores

After an hour or so of moderate-to-intense physical activity, our bodies have tapped into our carbohydrate stores (glycogen, specifically), broken down muscle, and depleted our fluids and electrolytes to fuel the

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Pasteurization Benefits for Eggs and Other Foods

Here at Davidson’s™ we are proud to offer safe, high-quality eggs to our customers. There are many factors that contribute to our superior quality including sourcing farm-fresh eggs from USDA-inspected farms and only using USDA-certified grade AA eggs—the highest grade available. Additionally, our patented pasteurization process eliminates the risk of Salmonella and other bacteria that lead to spoiling and foodborne illness. As a result, our eggs have been tested and approved by the American Culinary Federation for superior quality and flavor.

What is pasteurization?

While pasteurization is one of the things that make our eggs different, we are among many other items in the grocery store that also use heat treatment to improve quality.

Originally developed in France as a way to preserve the taste and aroma of aged

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Stay Fuller Longer with Eggs and Other Satiety-Boosting Foods

The primary purpose of food is to satisfy hunger, provide energy, and supply our bodies with essential nutrients. Although we also choose what we eat based on taste and personal preferences, it is important to have a strong foundation of satiety-boosting and nutrient packed foods in our daily diets.

What is a satiety-boosting food?

Satiety-boosting foods are ones that are rich in fiber, healthy fats, and protein. They are digested slower, thus keeping us fuller for longer. On the other hand, foods high in refined carbohydrates, such as white bread and sugar-sweetened beverages, offer very little satiety and often lead to overeating. To build your foundation of satiety-boosting foods, check out these super-filling options.

Pulses, avocados, and nuts increase satiety

Pulses—also known as beans—are a subcategory of legumes that include dried

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Tips for Healthy Snacking

Snacking can be the key to a healthy diet when done properly. But according to the USDA, the average snack for U.S. adults tends to have higher proportions of carbs and total sugars than beneficial nutrients such as protein and fiber.

What to look for in a healthy snack

The best snacks are those that fill you up quickly, keep you feeling full until mealtime, and add relatively few calories to your daily total. When picking a snack, aim for something that follows these simple criteria:

  • Few calories. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories. Even when you eat a portion that satisfies your hunger, the calorie count is low.
  • High in protein. Quality protein can increase
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