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Susan Burke March

Susan Burke March, is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and the author of Making Weight Control Second Nature: Living Thin Naturally—a fun and informative book intended to liberate serial dieters and make healthy living and weight control both possible and instinctual over the long term. Her latest project is her new eBook for convenient weight loss, The Common Cent$ Diet for Busy Girls, Susan consults with individuals and companies to create personalized and practical weight management solutions. Susan's professional initiatives reflect her passion for healthy living and smart weight management.

Recent Posts by Susan Burke March

A Great Year for Nutrition

What a great time it is to be a registered dietitian!  As of March 13th, which was the 6th Annual Registered Dietitian Day, we can also add the word “Nutritionist�? to our title, to reflect the emphasis on how registered dietitians, in addition to the providers of medical nutrition therapy, are fundamentally involved in promoting wellness and teaching Americans how to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

National Nutrition Month® is the yearly celebration of our profession as well as our passion.  Each March our parent organization, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, chooses a theme that emphasizes the importance that food plays in our lives and our health.  Some of my favorite previous themes were 1991’s “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle�?, 2007’s “100% Fad

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Enjoying Eggs in Ecuador

Last December I visited a World Heritage City in Ecuador, called Cuenca.  I had read that Ecuador is especially interesting, with its mountains, colonial cities, multicolored native markets and Incan legacy.  For Americans, Ecuador is attractive because they use the American dollar, which makes it easy for tourists to plan their vacations. I flew from Miami to Ecuador’s capital, Quito, then into Cuenca, the third-largest Ecuadorean city.

Cuenca is high up in the Andes, approximately 8,200 feet above sea level.  The climate is outstanding and their growing season is year-round. It never gets too hot, or too cold and averages a comfortable 70 degrees year-round.  But enough about the weather…it’s all about the food!

Mother Nature’s largesse means that fresh food is

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It’s February: Love Your Heart

February is American Heart Month

As usual, when beginning to write my blog for Safest Choice Eggs, I spend some time just thinking about my topic.  It’s so interesting to examine some cultural habits and understand the how and why we take some things for granted.  So, why is February designated as American Heart Month?  Some have suggested that Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, and this holiday is associated with romance and “affairs of the heart.�?

The American Heart Month is a National Observance created in 1986, when the American Heart Association first worked with Congress to address the growing epidemic of heart disease and to “urge the people of the United States to recognize the nationwide problem of heart disease and blood vessel diseases and to support all essential programs required to solve the problem.�?  Each year the President declares the observance

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Trying To Lose Weight? Lighten Up With Eggs!

When you think eggs, think satiety, and feeling satiated helps you achieve your weight loss goal.  As usual, I like to explore the meaning of words, and this month, satiety provokes my interest.  To be satiated means to be full, to be satisfied completely, usually related to food, and eating eggs are a smart strategy to achieve that goal.

Weight is just a number on the scale, but how you get to weight loss makes a big difference in whether or not you can stay at your goal permanently.  I always like to say that all “diets’ work�?…in terms of reducing calories and increasing activity. But, what you do to reduce those calories can make a big difference in maintaining your goal

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Four Egg Myths Cracked by a Registered Dietitian

It’s great to look at myths about food, and learn truths!

When I have to come up with a solution to a problem, I first deconstruct the question carefully. Sometimes just thinking about the meaning of words serves to uncover my own preconceived notions that may be interfering with my progress toward resolution.

When speaking with my clients about making positive weight-wise changes, I often find this same type of thinking. Often, it’s grounded in tradition. Traditions are nice, but they’re not always healthy, right?  For example, my grandmother, a wonderful woman…generous to a fault, but everything she cooked she finished with a chunk of butter.  She’d steam green beans…fresh, crisp, brightly colored, just perfectly done. They’d be marvelous all on their

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