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Award-Winning Baker Rose Levy Beranbaum Shares Tips

This past Monday, February 27, Safest Choice Eggs hosted an evening event featuring Rose Levy Beranbaum at the Culinary Loft in New York City. A small group of magazine editors and bloggers came to learn how to make a Perfect Yellow Cake and Neoclassic Buttercream from the The Cake Bible author herself.

Before Rose began her presentation everyone got to know each other talking while enjoying refreshments and Apple, Cheddar and Rosemary and Bacon and Spinach mini quiches. Once people took their seats Tom Izzo, Safest Choice’s Director of Marketing, welcomed everyone and introduced Rose.

Tom introducing Rose Levy Beranbaum

Rose began by discussing how important eggs are in baking and how she fells more at ease being able to recommend Safest Choice, especially for recipes like buttercream. She began her baking demonstration by showing everyone how to make the perfect yellow cake.

With the cake in the over, Rose went on to show how easy and safe it is to make her Neoclassic Buttercream recipe when using Safest Choice pasteurized eggs. Rose wanted to showcase the safety merits of Safest Choice eggs by using them in a buttercream recipe, which combines egg yolks with sugar, corn syrup and unsalted butter for a delicious treat. Everyone got to enjoy this treat two ways, first on cupcakes, then on cake!

Rose Levy Beranbaum shares baking tips

Even though Rose is soft spoken she captivated the group right away and shared many great tips throughout the evening. In addition to recommending Safest Choice as her preferred eggs, she also likes to bake with Rumford Baking Powder. She suggested that if you’re making a cake, go with cake flour, it is different than all-purpose. And if you’re making a yellow cake, like she did during the event, coat your pan with both oil spray and flour. She also gave the smart tip to use a silicone wrap around your cake pan to make sure it bakes evenly and gets a nice flat top.

Rose pointing out the silicone around her cake pan

Rose adding chopped nuts to her cake

It was so amazing to learn all these great tips from such an accomplished baking expert! Rose has authored nine books, most recently Rose’s Heavenly Cakes. Her first book, The Cake Bible, is a culinary best-seller and is currently in its 48th printing, having been recognized by the James Beard Foundation as one of the top 13 baking books on the Essential Book List. You can keep up with Rose by reading her blog, Real Baking with Rose.