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Boy Scout Troop Fundraiser Breakfast Serves Safest Choice Eggs

From time to time Safest Choice eggs has the opportunity to give pasteurized shell eggs to groups or causes. Recently, a donation went to Hometown, Illinois Boy Scout Troop 682 for their annual pancake breakfast fundraiser.

“This fundraiser is the best we’ve had in our history,” said Carol O’Leary, Committee Chairperson for the Troop.  “We have built a reputation over the years for a fun-filled morning and a fantastic breakfast. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have noticed that we switch and used your fresh eggs over the last two years. “

This year’s spread of breakfast fundraiser food was great.  Time and care took place in the kitchen where a group of dedicated leaders took care of all aspects of preparation and cooking for the $5 all-you-can-eat breakfast menu.

The wonderful part of this yearly event is that Scouts greet and seat the people; everyone meets a Scout at the front door and then they carry the serving trays. This way the community gets to know the boys better and will recognize them throughout the year on other community projects. Everyone was encouraged to stay and talk with the neighbors over coffee and a game area for children and Scouts to play together was set up as well.