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Breakfast in Mexico: Desayuno recipes from Chef Jeffrey Clark

Mexico holds the record for having the highest per capita consumption of eggs in the world as represented in the various creative ways eggs are used within their cuisines, from breakfasts to desserts. Breakfast in Mexico is always an interesting culinary adventure starting with the first cup of coffee or cinnamon laced hot chocolate and a pan dulce (cocoa dusted pastry shells), custard filled sweet rolls, or crispy conchas dripping with honey to help in “breaking the fast” as you work towards a more substantial meal in the morning known as desayuno.

Huevos Motuleños

A desayuno menu will feature many of Mexico’s boldly flavored egg dishes served with home-style choices, from sweet and sinful, to bold and energetic, representing the regional culinary flavors of your visit. The desayuno is a meal to be savored as it is only available in the mornings and is not to be mixed in with or confused by traditional mid-day meals (almuerzo) or evening offerings.

My favorite city for desayuno is Guadalajara, in the State of Jalisco. Quintessentially Mexican, Jalisco is the home of Tequila, Mariachis, the Ballet Folklorico, and a number of regional culinary specialties. From hearty soups like Pozole, to sandwiches such as their famous Torta Ahogada, to the breakfast stew, Birria, to luscious fruit filled Tamales.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo I have created five (cinco) authentic Mexican breakfast recipes for Safest Choice Eggs. The five recipes in my series are Huevos Rancheros, Huevos de Albanil, Huevos Divorciados, Huevos Motuleños and Huevos de Rabo Mestiza. With each dish I have highlighted regional flavors and culinary specialties so you can enjoy an authentic desayuno at home. And even though desayuno mean breakfast and these dishes are typically served in the morning, they would all make great breakfast for dinner options.

¡Buen provecho!