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Where to find Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs

We appreciate people looking for our product and our goal is to have Safest Choice eggs available for everyone. Visit our store locator page and search by your zip code to see a list of stores in your area that carry Safest Choice eggs.

However, it may be difficult for some to find pasteurized eggs at your local grocer. If your store is not listed on our store locator page, or no stores show up when searching your zip code, the best way to get Safest Choice eggs in your favorite store is for you to tell your grocer directly that you want them to carry our brand.

They listen to their own customers; it’s why people continue coming back through their doors! We’ve made it easy for you. Please download a Safest Choice™ eggs product request form. Fill it out and give it to a member of your store’s management team.

If your store is listed here but Safest Choice™ eggs are not on the shelf, the dairy manager can order the product from his/her distributor. Just ask!

We continue to work with buyer/category managers of supermarket chains in our efforts to be available everywhere in the United States. When new supermarkets agree to take us in we’re thrilled, and then the buyer will decide if the product belongs in every store, or just in certain stores, or if it’s up to each store’s dairy manager.

We may ship our eggs directly to the store’s distribution center, or they may go to an independent distributor who serves a specific geographical area which may include several different chains or independent grocery stores.

All of this means that the product may not end up in your favorite grocery store, even though it’s on our store locator list; or it may end up in stores that we don’t even know about. The good news is that if the store is listed then we know at least it’s in the distribution system nearby.

Getting Safest Choice eggs in your favorite grocer