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Cheesecake Batter Parfaits

Today is National Cheesecake Day, and I am pleased to announce the release of another SafeEggs TV video! The second release from the “Eggs Up!�? series featuring yours truly will deliver an instructional video for Cheesecake Batter Parfaits utilizing Davidson’s Safest Choice pasteurized shell eggs. As I follow trends and explore new recipes to feature our pasteurized eggs, the utilization of batters is a timely topic. The movement to smaller desserts and at times duets or trios of desserts all play into the application of the Cheesecake Batter Parfaits. Regardless, if you are at home or in the restaurant, the ability to utilize it in various quantities and applications is a sure benefit. Cheesecake batter parfait recipe from @SafeEggs If you have ever been warned about eating raw cookie dough or cake batters. The risk of foodborne illness from raw eggs is real, unless of course they contain our pasteurized eggs! Pasteurized = peace of mind. Now you might be wondering, “Why would you use eggs if you are not planning to bake it?�? Thanks for asking. The eggs lend richness, color, texture and nutritional value to the recipe. Cheesecake batter parfaits recipe from @SafeEggs I hope that you take the time to view all of the new videos on SafeEggs TV. Make sure to check out my other “Eggs Up!�? instructional video on Meringue Pie. The filming experience creating these videos with Safest Choice eggs has been incredible and I can’t wait to share more soon!