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Five Hot Breakfast Recipes for Cold Mornings

February is hot breakfast month but with the record breaking cold temperatures across the country I doubt anyone needs a national food month to want to start their day with something warm and hearty. It’s getting closer to the end of winter (hopefully!), so if you’re like me you might need some new hot breakfast ideas for inspiration. Below, I’ve rounded up of five hot and delicious breakfasts from the Safest Choice Eggs’ recipe center. It’s been cold here in Chicago for awhile now so I’ve been making these recipes a lot lately.

Buttermilk Pancakes

Pancakes have always been a favorite of mine. Especially on a lazy weekend morning when it’s cold outside and I all I want to do is stay home in my pj’s. Fresh buttermilk is the secret ingredient for light and fluffy pancakes in this recipe. Topped with butter and maple syrup – perfection!

Buttermilk Pancakes

Bacon Egg Cups

These bacon egg cups are one of the most popular Safest Choice Eggs recipes, and for good reason! They are super satisfying for only 240 calories a serving and so easy to make. I like bake these for around 12 minutes to get a nice runny yolk. This recipe is extra special because it was created by Nam, one of our guest bloggers and member of the Darling Dozen who writes the blog Culinary Chronicles.

bacon and egg cups

Mini Frittatas

These egg, spinach and sweet pepper mini frittatas use the muffin tin similar to the bacon egg cups, giving you perfect portions that keep well for a grab and go breakfast. Plus, you’re getting a serving of vegetables in at breakfast. If you don’t have spinach or peppers try any vegetables you have on hand. I‘ve used kale, broccoli and leftover roasted sweet potatoes. They all tasted great!

mini frittatas

 Baked Eggs with Kale, Mushrooms and Tomato

Here is another great way to sneak in a serving of vegetables in the morning. This baked eggs recipe is super-filling, making it great for just yourself or for a crowd. It’s a healthy favorite of mine that I’ve made for dinner as well, and comes from another Darling Dozen member, Laura of Family Spice.

mushroom kale egg bake

 Soft Boiled Eggs

A soft boiled eggs is such a simple breakfast, yet it always feels like a special way to start my day. Pair with buttered toast points and a cup of coffee, and you’re read to go. This recipe is actually part of our culinary techniques series that includes 10 how-to videos for everything from scrambled to shirred eggs.

safe soft boiled egg

For more breakfast (or brunch or dinner) ideas visit our full recipe center here.