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Crab Cake Sandwich with Mango Bacon Aioli

crab cake sandwich with mango bacon aioli recipe @safeeggs This is the time of year that teachers like me loathe.  The countdown to the upcoming school year is creeping closer and closer.  The end is officially near.  This year it’s going to be extra hard to go back to school… our little baby girl was born July 1st and I’ve been so lucky to be able to spend these past two months with her all day, every day.

And instead of getting all sad and bummed out about the whole having to drop her off at the babysitter thing, I’m bringing you a recipe that reminds me of one of my favorite days I spent with Asheley and my little love bug.

One of our really great friends just had a baby as well, so we got together at this really awesome open-air patio-esque seasonal restaurant right by the beach.  Tons of fresh seafood, a vibrant atmosphere to mask the fussiness of our baby at her witching hour, and just the amazing feeling of being out of the house and interacting with other adults for a few hours.

Asheley and I don’t eat seafood nearly enough.  But hey, when you’re at a restaurant right by the beach… you gotta do it.  Asheley had this really great crab cake sandwich topped with a mango bacon mayonnaise.  So naturally, I had to recreate it at home.  Boom.  Crab Cake Sandwich with Mango Bacon Aioli.

crab cake sandwich with mango bacon aioli recipe @safeeggs

Dinner time at our house is a little more… chaotic than pre-baby.  There is a tiny window to cook and inhale our food, because of course our little girl’s fussiest time of day always has to coincide when mommy and daddy tries to eat.

Less time in the kitchen = the need to be a little more creative in getting meal time going.  Luckily I was able to grab some amazing crab cakes from the seafood guy at my local market.  Of course if you have time to burn (lucky you… I remember what that was like!), go for making crab cakes from scratch.

The one thing that you totally need to make, though, is this mango bacon aioli.  It’s totally legit and has such a big, bold flavor.  Now before you go complaining that making homemade aioli is a big pain…. try this.  I’ve had my share of aioli fails in the past, but this recipe was totally foolproof.  It was ridiculously easy and the payoff was huge.

crab cake sandwich with mango bacon aioli recipe @safeeggs

Anyone else worried about eating raw eggs?  I’m no Rocky Balboa, so raw eggs aren’t part of my usual diet.  And quite honestly, they freak me out.

Boom.  Enter Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs.  That’s right, pasteurized.  Goodbye salmonella, hello peace of mind.  And I totally love that all of their eggs are hormone and antiobiotic free, and also sell a cage-free variety.

So go ahead.  Lick that brownie and cake batter bowl clean.  Eat raw cookie dough.  And of course, make this Mango Bacon Aioli 😉