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Two Safe Eggs a Day – Days Nine & Eleven

I traveled most of the week –  Florida, Michigan, Texas and Minnesota –  but had a decent level of discipline.

Sticking to the plan

Three times  this week I had Panera breakfast sandwiches with double the eggs, throw away the bread. Salads for lunch, and meat and veggies for dinner. I controlled my portions okay. I got bumped to first class twice but stuck with either red wine or gin and tonics.

I did dodge a bullet –  was in Florida but got out of town before Chip got me on the martini roller coaster. One of the keys to staying on the program is that when I do have a transgression, I blame it on somebody else. So if I had drank too much gin it would have been Chip’s fault. See? It’s easy.

I am not snacking and with the exception of fruit.  The satiety  that I get from the eggs is really helping. But I am struggling with the delivery system. Hard boiled is okay but a little boring. While Panera is fine, I can’t eat there every day. And while I am not watching calories, kefir really has a lot of added sugar.

Sticking to the plan on the weekend

Busy running around on Sunday doing the errands I didn’t do on Saturday. Out of kefir, I took a raw pasteurized egg, whipped it up with a fork in a 12 oz. glass and then filled it with orange juice and whipped it up a little more. And it tasted like… orange juice. It surprised me; I think having a fair amount of pulpy orange juice and a fresh tasting egg made it work

I had my egg early and by the time my kids rolled out of bed, it was early afternoon. We decided to grab a burger (Palmer Place, La Grange IL, recommended) I skipped the bun but my resolve was overwhelmed by the onion rings. And they rewarded me with little reminders the rest of the day. If you are going to cheat, make it worth it.

I was still full when I headed to my Aunt’s Birthday party. Resisted a very starchy dinner and drinks pretty well but did have several pieces of fine dark chocolate, for strictly professional reasons. I blame my family. Normally I can resist chocolate pretty easily but I have a been jones-ing pretty bad for sweets lately, especially after dinner. My metabolism is probably trying to compensate for the lack of carbs. I hope it passes – I’ve been trying dried fruit, which sounds and tastes like an insult.