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Egg Recipes: Great Picks for Spring

It’s spring. The selection of fresh produce is booming, temperatures are climbing, and many people are freshening up their menus. What better way to celebrate than with some fresh spring recipes? Here are some great recipe picks from the Davidson’s™ recipe collection.
spinach egg nest salad

Egg salad recipes

Why not try an intriguing curry twist to your egg salad? This curried egg salad recipe is fresh and invigorating.

Or try a healthy twist and sneak in extra vegetables. The healthy egg salad Florentine recipe includes spinach for extra vitamins, fiber, and flavor.

Another great pairing is smoked salmon with egg salad. Try the egg salad and smoked salmon canapes recipe. It’s fast and easy!

Spring-fresh snacks

Try some fresh and healthy snacks this spring. The light Devonshire cream sauce recipe is the perfect complement to strawberries, blueberries, or any other fruit. And it’s light & healthy!

As temperatures rise, deviled eggs can be a welcome pick-me-up. The hummus deviled eggs recipe features hummus in place of mayonnaise for a simple, tasty treat.

Healthy salads

Salad for breakfast is a great way to get going on getting your vegetable servings for the day. The paleo spring breakfast salad recipe combines a classic over easy egg with vegetables and mixed greens to get you on your way.

Another stunning salad option is the spinach egg nest salad recipe—great at any time of day.

Warm-weather Salmonella foodborne illness

As you enjoy all your favorite warm-weather recipes, keep in mind that Salmonella foodborne illness peaks in the warm months. This is a great time to renew your focus on food safety practices to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Centers for Disease Control remind us, “You can get Salmonella from perfectly normal-looking eggs.�?

To be safe, always choose pasteurized eggs for your recipes. Happy spring!