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Eggs, the Canvas for ‘Eat Right with Color’ Masterpieces

March is National Nutrition Month, the American Dietetic Association’s campaign focusing attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating habits. To show support for this great initiative Safest Choice™ is embracing the theme for 2011, “Eat Right With Color,” by showing some wonderful ways eggs can be used as the blank canvas to add colors to. From casseroles to pizzas eggs are part of many delicious and healthy recipes.

Egg Stuffed Tomato Provencal with Fresh Asparagus

There are a lot of reasons to incorporate eggs into your meals. Recent news that eggs are lower in cholesterol has many people realizing that they can be part of a healthy diet. Eggs have a biological protein value of 100 and are the standard by which all other protein sources are measured. Eggs are also an extremely versatile food and often an ingredient that is on hand in your kitchen.

Fiesta Egg Burrito

And, eggs aren’t just for breakfast. They lend flavor and richness to ice cream and pasta, and provide structure for baked goods. When added to vegetables and cheeses eggs make delicious frittatas, quiches, scrambles or omelets. For a portable meal, egg sandwiches are popular and hard boiled are perfect for snacking. Fried or poached eggs are great additions to complete rice, pasta or soup dinner dishes.

Baked Eggs in Potato Nest

Eggs are full of vital nutrients such as iron, thiamin, choline, folate, lutein and vitamins A, D and E. They are also one of the most economical proteins you can buy. Even better? When you have Safest Choice in your fridge, any healthy recipe can be made safely.

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