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Favorite Darling Dozen Recipes in 2013

2013 was a great year, and to look back we’ve rounded up last year’s best recipes from members of the Darling Dozen. The Darling Dozen is a group of incredibly talented bloggers that are ambassadors of Safest Choice™ Eggs.

1. We start off the list with one of Laura’s favorite ways to make eggs. Laura shared this simple and light recipe of sautéed vegetables and poached eggs on her blog, Family Spice. It is a great way to get your veggies first thing in the morning, and it certainly is a healthy way to start the day (and the new year!).


2. Carrie from Bakeaholic Mama shared her Cumin and Lime Mayonnaise recipe plus an awesome list of 30 ways to use homemade mayonnaise. If you haven’t tried homemade yet make sure to had it to you list of things to do in 2014!


3. Egg pie. That’s what Erin’s about to be 4 year old called this quiche. Along with this delicious Roasted Poblano Pepper Quiche, Erin shared a number of other great recipes using Safest Choice™ Eggs on her blog, $5 Dollar Dinners, in 2013.


4. Robin from Big Red Kitchen shares a really unique dessert, Salame di Cioccolato. Which is a creamy dense chocolate roll that when sliced resembles salami. The fun thing about this recipe is that you can change up the flavors as long as you keep the basic recipe consistent.  It would make a great gift anytime you want to share something thoughtful and homemade with a loved one.

Salame di Cioccolato Amaretto

5. Take a look at this Deep Fried Egg from Susan of the blog Doughmesstic. Imagine the ways you could use these. In a sandwich. On a burger. Atop pasta. Or in a bowl of cheesy grits, as shared on Susan’s great blog.


6. Bree from Baked Bree likes making her Broccoli Mini Quiche’s for her children’s packed school lunches because they provide protein and veggies in one neat and yummy package, can be made the day before, and travel well. We’re sure adults would love these for breakfast too!


7. Kristi, also know as Budget Gourmet Mom, shared this amazing family recipe. The delicious custard filling is only gently cooked in a double boiler, so for peace of mind she used Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs in her Great Grandma’s Blitz Torte Recipe.


8. Five words. Deep Fried Cookie Dough Balls. This amazing recipe is courtesy of Karly of the blog, Buns In My Oven. She shared a number of creative and delicious recipes using Safest Choice™ Eggs in 2013, check this one and all of them out here!


9. If you decide to make this Homemade Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream you will not be disappointed. Jamie, who write’s the blog Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom promises this recipe is heavenly.

cherry ice cream

10. It was a tough choice but we finally narrowed it down to this recipe for Prosciutto and Asparagus Eggs Benedict from Paula of the blog, bell’alimento. With recipes like raspberry clover club cocktails and chocolate cake with ganache, you can see why the decision was so tough.


11. Katie writes a blog, Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, that’s all about raising “fresh food kids in a French-fried world.�? So it is no surprise that the recipe of her’s we decided to share is a healthier version of chocolate chip cookie.


12. We are big fans of all the recipes Rachael, also know as La Fuji Mama, shared in 2013 using Safest Choice™ Eggs, but being major fans of eggnog, her awesome recipe for Baked Eggnog Doughnuts ended up being the one to make this list.

Baked eggnog doughnuts made with Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs—pasteurized = peace of mind.

What was your favorite recipe from the Darling Dozen in 2013?