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Final Two Safe Eggs a Day Post

I must begin this post by apologizing. I know it has been three months since I wrote a “Two Eggs a Day�? post but it is better late than never. During my two eggs a day journey I lost over 20 pounds in 90 days.

What I learned

During those 90 days I read a lot. I got advice from our Registered Dietitian, Debbie Campbell. I found a lot of new data supports that food sources for nutrients are much better than vitamins and supplements. I confirmed that for me at least, processed sugar and starches not only made me feel lousy and lethargic, but also made me fat and bloated. This helped me learn that all calories are not equal. I felt better when I got nutrition from whole and wholesome real foods rather than processed ones.

Whole foods versus processed

I tried to listen to my body to know when to eat, but I learned that it really just chants “let’s eat�? all the time. So I stopped listening.

I learned drinks are tricky. Drinking a raw egg in orange juice in the morning is easy and keeps me full. But there is a lot of calories and sugar in fruit juices, so generally water is better. Also, I found that avoiding carbonated beverages helped me eat less.

Two eggs a day did help keep me full

But the whole point of “Two Eggs a Day�? process was that I was focusing on satiety. It really does work and protein, not carbohydrates, is the key to feeling full.  There is a simple way to achieve satiety and supplement nutrition and it is with eggs. I wanted to eat Safest Choice eggs because they are safe whatever way I have them, even raw in a smoothie or mixed in with orange juice.

But I have a confession: I was a little freaked out about the cholesterol in the eggs. If I ate two eggs a day, based simply on RDA, I would blow past my daily allotment for cholesterol without eating anything else. I was doing well on a high protein diet so more cholesterol was guaranteed. Looking simply at the total cholesterol consumed, I would be asking for trouble.  I am all for leaving a beautiful corpse but would prefer to do so about 40 years from now.

But I had been hearing different things about how cholesterol and saturated fats the rules have changed, so I started researching. I came across some new information that may surprise you. The medical community is changing the consensus on the issues of diet and coronary heart disease. Not only am I not changing my two eggs a day eating habits, I am predicting that the medical community will soon recommend increasing the consumption of eggs on a daily basis for most people.

Final weigh in

(Now I know that it’s a couple months later but I can show you the date stamp on the picture if you want.)