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Friday’s Friendly Fan: Ms. Grace

We are proud that Safest Choice™ eggs has very supportive fans. Some share how happy they were to find a safe egg; some share stories; and others share recipes. That is why we have decided to share the stories of our friendly fans with you.

Ms. Grace wrote to us to say that she loves eggs anyway they can be fixed, and loves them more now knowing there’s no bacteria. As a young girl in Texas wearing a flower print dress made from a feed sack, Ms. Grace helped her grandmother gather eggs from two dozen hens. She carried buckets of fresh water and feed for the hens. She also dealt with a nasty, mean-tempered red roster that watched over the hens. Apparently the demonic, evil foul never missed a chance to give chase, but young Ms. Grace’s skinny legs out ran him all but once. She promised to tell us that whole story another time.

What she really wanted to share was her recipe for what she calls, Ox Eyes. Ms. Grace told us this recipe must be older than her, and she is as old as water. She has been fixing Ox Eyes for over fifty years, so we will take her word when she says they make a fine Sunday morning breakfast along with some fresh fruit.

Safest Choice Sunny Face

Ms. Grace calls this recipe Ox Eyes because she uses the fried cut out circle of toast to cover half the yoke “eye�? creating what looks like a sleepy eye lid where the yoke is peeping out. This recipe is also commonly refereed to as Eggs in a Basket and Gas house Eggs. At Safest Choice we call it Sunny Face.

If you have a favorite recipe like Ms. Grace’s feel free to add it to our recipe center. Or write a review for our Sunny Face recipe.