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Friday’s Friendly Fan: Corbin

Friday’s Friendly Fan: Corbin

Safest Choice™ has recently become available in more markets and today’s fan, Corbin, helped us get into his local grocery store. After looking for us a year ago in his New York City neighborhood Corbin signed our petition and took his grocer product request forms. Last month after receiving an e-mail from us informing him we were now available in Shoprite he went to the supermarket with a stack of coupons and promoted us!

Corbin got a couple dozen of our eggs and he was able to educate fellow shoppers on our product. He told us in an e-mail that he started talking — a little louder than normal — to the young man putting our eggs on the dairy shelf. He mentioned what great product Safest Choice™ eggs were, and described all the ways that they could be used safely, while non-pasteurized eggs cannot; such as French silk pie, over easy eggs and homemade ice cream.

Sure enough, Corbin’s loud description of our eggs got several people to check them out. He even told those that were near if they bought some that he would share the coupons the company generously sent him. That day Corbin got eight people to buy Safest Choice™!

We are so happy that Corbin is able to safely make his Eggs Benedict, homemade mayonnaise, pudding and eggnog. After waiting years to cook dishes he only felt okay serving with pasteurized shell eggs, Safest Choice™ is as thrilled as Corbin that they’re available for him and others in time for the Holidays.