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Friday’s Friendly Fan: Dee Taylor

It has been a while since the last Friday’s Friendly Fan so we decided to bring them back with a post on someone we are fan of. Safest Choice eggs is a huge fan of Dee Taylor, Safest Choice’s Las Vegas food service broker.

Dee runs her own brokerage called, Detail Food Service, which she started over 11 years ago. Detail Food Service is an extremely successful brokerage because of Dee’s 30 years of industry experience, along with her business philosophy. The philosophy is that everyone gets their fair share of Dee and her team’s amazing capabilities. So Detail Food Service limits the number of lines they carry to make sure they are equally represented.

Dee began working with Safest Choice eggs in early 2007 and has helped bring pasteurized eggs to the Las Vegas market ever since. This small 16 square mile geographic area can require a lot of food products, because one casino equals a lot of volume. But this small area is driven by relationships and that is where Dee, and Detail Food Service, helps Safest Choice stand out.

Dee has helped to get Safest Choice eggs into the casinos Mandalay Bay and Luxor. She also secured the very first grocery store to carry pasteurized eggs in Las Vegas, Glazier’s Food Marketplace. Recently, she worked closely with Hash House a Go Go to help them switch all of their gently cooked egg menu items over to Safest Choice eggs.

Jay, Chantel, Chef Tony, Dee Taylor and Elizabeth at Hash House!

“It has been so much fun working on the partnership between Safest Choice eggs and Hash House. It is such a popular restaurant in Las Vegas with multiple locations, so that made the opportunity very exciting.” Dee told me about the work she did. “Now they can serve their poached and over easy eggs safely, and the quality and taste goes along with their menu made up of only fresh ingredients. “

Safest Choice eggs served at Hash House

It is easy to see why everyone with Safest Choice is a huge fan of Dee’s and we can’t wait to see what new opportunity Detail Food Service finds.