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Friday’s Friendly Fan: Lori Parrett of Cakewalk Chicago

Lori Parrett owns and operates Cakewalk Chicago, Chicagoland’s home for supplies and classes for cake decorating and baking. In addition to being a retail baking and cake decorating supply boutique, Cakewalk Chicago offers a number of classes teaching people how to decorate their own cakes, cookies and confections.

Lori Parrett

Lori reached out to Safest Choice eggs last summer after she became aware of our product. She was thrilled to find pasteurized eggs at her local grocery store and was even more excited that the company producing them was local. During her decorating classes she often teaches how to make cookies and cookie icing. Who can resist sampling raw cookie dough and tasting delectable royal icing? Since recipes like royal icing and buttercream frosting call for raw eggs, the risk of Salmonella always worried Lori when teaching a room full of people how to make these delicious treats, especially if the class was full of moms and their little ones.

Safest Choice eggs was happy to work with Lori and to be affiliated with Cakewalk Chicago. We were so impressed with Lori that we happily provided her with our product for some of her classes. Not only does Lori now have peace of mind when making cookies, icings and delicate buttercream frostings, she also doesn’t have to worry about tasting her confections − to make sure they perfectly flavored − while making them.

Just like when cooking with savory flavors, Lori likes to taste-test when baking. But, as she states in the video below, taste-testing batter is usually a no-no because of raw eggs. When using Safest Choice eggs she can combine different flavors to create a unique taste, and she feels more comfortable when baking with her own children. Check out Lori’s video “Flavors Used for Baking Cake.�?

And make sure to check out Lori’s Five Flavor Pound Cake recipe here. It is a unique variation of a classic dessert with the tantalizing flavor combination of vanilla, lemon, almond, rum, and butter. Yum!

Five Flavor Pound Cake

Check out Cakewalk Chicago’s class schedule here. And for baking tips, class schedule updates, and fun photos (like the cool sneaker cake below) make sure to like Cakewalk on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Cakewalk Chicago