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Friday’s Friendly Fan: Albert Smith

For several years Albert (Al) Smith has taken an interest in observing Safest Choice’s distribution of the unique product, pasteurized shell eggs. When asked why, his answer is simple: because it feels good. He enjoys providing help for an altruistic cause that promotes a wholesome and very useful product that may save folks from serious illness.

Al feels his efforts are minimal but we think they are phenomenal. His efforts include reading food safety articles online, and then providing information or adding suggestions for other readers in the comments section.

Also, Al makes it a habit to ask grocery stores if they carry Safest Choice eggs. He likes to know if they have plans to stock them so it will be easier for him to purchase eggs there. By passing information like this along to Safest Choice Al successfully got our eggs on the shelf at a Dominick’s in his area.

Occasionally, he gets creative. See the advertisement idea he sent to us below. Recently, he sent a great picture of our exposure on Good Morning America.

Al suspects that Safest Choice will grow because the need for our product is dramatically demonstrated by the recent outbreak of Salmonella caused by infected eggs.

Thank you Al for all your support! Our successes would not happen without the help of dedicated and thoughtful consumers like you. And we agree, life is too short to fear cookie dough!