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How Do You Like Your Eggs?

When it comes to egg safety, how you cook your eggs makes all the difference. To be safe from Salmonella, an egg needs to be cooked to 160°F. Did you know? Most egg cooking styles don’t get you there.

Your-Egg-Is-It-Safe So let’s take a look at how people like their eggs—scrambled (34%), sunny-side-up (32%), as omelets (19%), poached (5%), or other styles, such as soft boiled eggs or eggs over hard. Cracking open pasteurized eggs for your egg recipes makes all these egg cooking styles safe.


Egg favorites

Here are more facts about how we like our eggs, as cited by the American Eating Trends Report:

  • People tend to eat more eggs on weekends – what a treat!
  • Most people enjoy eggs as part of a main meal, especially breakfast.
  • Total average egg consumption in the US (2009) was approximately 250 eggs per person per year.
  • Preparing eggs most often happens on the stovetop. Just 2.6% of eggs are prepared in the microwave.
  • Almost 10% of egg-eatings do not involve cooking the eggs (raw eggs).