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Huevos en Rabo de Mestiza or Poached Eggs in Tomato-Chile Broth

Rabo en Mestiza is a classic, Mexican desayuno recipe that is remarkable as first created but also lends itself to contemporary variations that add even more flavor to this “makes you feel good” recipe. This dish was considered peasant food; first made from very simple ingredients readily available several centuries by poor farmers in Central Mexico.

Rabo de Mestiza

The main ingredient of the dish is a thick roasted tomato broth that contains strips of poblano chilies and onions, and minced garlic. Safest Choice eggs are poached and placed on top of this broth and “islands” of melted cheese. This dish shouldn’t be confused with Mexican caldos or soups, but this is a very hearty entrée that lends itself to brunch or dinner. It is typical of Mestizo recipes combining Old and New World spices and techniques to create what I consider “craveable” flavor experiences.

This is a dish that originated in the town of San Luis Potosi in the state of the same name. It is hearty and very flavorful with noticeable spicy notes. The overall flavor described as almost decadent, when actually the ingredients are really very humble.

The first step, as shown here in my Huevos de Rabo de Mestiza recipe, is to make the Tomato-Chile Broth. You start by charring and peeling poblano chilies. Followed by the charring of large tomatoes, the tomatoes are left unpeeled as the charred skin adds to the finished stock. The onions, garlic and Poblano chile strips are sautéed.

Then tomatoes, after being pureed, are added and simmered to develop the flavors of the finished stock. A small amount of chicken broth is added at the end of cooking to bring the finished stock to the proper thickness; similar to that of a medium thick pasta sauce. The Tomato-Chile Broth is allowed to rest for several days in the refrigerator to marry all of the flavors together. This step is a very important part of the recipe.

On the day of service the heated stock is ladled into suitably sized soup bowls or 2” deep pasta bowls and dotted with cubes or slices of Queso Oaxaca, a creamy cow’s milk cheese that melts well under the broiler. Once the cheese has melted a poached Safest Choice egg is placed in the center of the bowl and sprinkled with thinly sliced green onions.

I like to serve Rabo de Mastiza with bowls of accompaniments such as cooked and crumbled chorizo, diced avocado, extra cheese such as Queso Fresco, lime wedges and leaf oregano so guests can add additional flavors to the dish as they like. Mexican Hot Chocolate goes well with this dish in the winter and Mango Agua Fresca in the spring or summer but a great Margarita works well no matter what the season.

¡ Buen provecho!