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IFBC Sacramento

This year Davidson’s Safest Choice® attended the International Food Bloggers Convention (IFBC) in Sacramento, California. If you were there, you may remember us from the Taste of Sacramento Culinary Fair, Expo, and Gift Suite held on Friday, July 29. We were the “egg people�? handing out delicious cheesecake batter parfaits in cute little glasses with tiny spoons. Does that ring a bell?

Davidson's Safest Choice at IFBC Sacramento

The taste

The fair was a huge success! We had the opportunity to meet some of our current customers as well as some new egg enthusiasts. If you stopped by our table you had the chance to sample our yummy cheesecake batter parfait–made safe with our pasteurized eggs.

Cheesecake Batter Parfait

If you recall, our parfait had a distinct creaminess to it, you can attribute that to the use of Davidson’s™ eggs. Davidson’s Safest Choice® Pasteurized Eggs are the best option for recipes calling for raw or undercooked eggs. The pasteurization process makes it OK to add our eggs to smoothies, cocktails, dressings, or raw cookie dough with no worries! As promised, here is the link to our cheesecake batter parfait recipe.

Recipe contest

Now that you are back from IFBC and America’s Farm-to-Fork capital, you must be full of new ideas. Redeem your coupon and put those wire whisks to good use by entering our recipe contest (open to event attendees only) for a chance to win $4,000! You have until November, so no excuses! However, you can always visit our recipe center for more inspiration and remember to feature Davidson’s™ eggs!

Davidson's Safest Choice whisks

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