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Paleo Eggs Benedict >

On 01.28.2016 by Chantel Arsenault

Looking for a great paleo-friendly breakfast idea? Then you'll enjoy this paleo-friendly twist on a breakfast classic. Our paleo eggs Benedict is satisfying and easy to make. In place of the traditional English muffin, we use sweet potato cakes. Get the recipe for paleo eggs Benedict. Paleo-friendly recipes For a paleo-friendly breakfast idea to satisfy your sweet tooth, try our paleo crepes with strawberry jam. Visit our recipe center for even more paleo-friendly recipes.

Eggnog Monkey Bread >

On 12.16.2015 by Chris Cockren

I absolutely love this time of year. Except the whole it being dark outside both when I wake up and when I get home from work. That's lame. But...the Christmas songs on the radio. The peppermint-flavored everything. Decorating the house. Oh, and cookies 24/7. All day, every day. My goal in December is to eat so many cookies that come January 1st, all I crave are vegetables. Okay, well that's not the actual goal. It just kind of always ends up that way because I'm cookie-obsessed. #thisiswhyimfat Christmas this year is extra special because it's the first with our little Olivia. You better believe I'll be spoiling the heck out of her every Christmas. I've been busy shopping up a storm for her. That's right ladies, I do all the Christmas shopping in our Read More >

Crab Cake Sandwich with Mango Bacon Aioli >

On 08.27.2015 by Chris Cockren

This is the time of year that teachers like me loathe.  The countdown to the upcoming school year is creeping closer and closer.  The end is officially near.  This year it's going to be extra hard to go back to school... our little baby girl was born July 1st and I've been so lucky to be able to spend these past two months with her all day, every day. And instead of getting all sad and bummed out about the whole having to drop her off at the babysitter thing, I'm bringing you a recipe that reminds me of one of my favorite days I spent with Asheley and my little love bug. One of our really great friends just had a baby as well, so we got together Read More >

On-The-Go Breakfast Shortcut Recipes >

On 08.12.2015 by Chantel Arsenault

With kids heading back-to-school soon, if not already, breakfast might be on-the-go in your house. Below we have shared three of our super quick breakfast shortcut recipes to help you feed your kids something nutritious before you all head out the door for your busy day. 1. Mini Banana Pancakes 2. Quick Banana Muffins 3. Minute Soufflés

Cheesecake Batter Parfaits >

On 07.30.2015 by Michael T. Roddey

Today is National Cheesecake Day, and I am pleased to announce the release of another SafeEggs TV video! The second release from the “Eggs Up!” series featuring yours truly will deliver an instructional video for Cheesecake Batter Parfaits utilizing Davidson’s Safest Choice pasteurized shell eggs. As I follow trends and explore new recipes to feature our pasteurized eggs, the utilization of batters is a timely topic. The movement to smaller desserts and at times duets or trios of desserts all play into the application of the Cheesecake Batter Parfaits. Regardless, if you are at home or in the restaurant, the ability to utilize it in various quantities and applications is a sure benefit. If you have ever been warned about eating raw cookie dough or Read More >

Mason Jar Sriracha Shrimp Caesar Salad >

On 07.24.2015 by Gina Matsoukas

I'll fully admit I didn’t get the point of this mason jar salad trend until recently. It just seemed so stupid to me as I sat there wondering why you’d shove all the ingredients of a salad into a jar and how you’d get your fork all the way to the bottom to eat it! Then I realized it’s the whole convenience factor for portability and even more important, an excellent way to keep the dressing from turning the lettuce soggy or requiring an extra container to carry it in to avoid that. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess because now I realize the whole concept is actually kind of genius. My husband has a Caesar salad addiction. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that. Read More >

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eton Mess >

On 06.25.2015 by Chris Cockren

Looking for an easy entertaining summer dessert that can completely be made ahead of time?  Boom... this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eton Mess is your answer.   First things first.  Before a few days ago, I had no clue what the heck an Eton Mess was. Didn't even know it existed.  All I knew was, I was to make a dessert with meringue in it.  And strawberries.  And whipped cream. Then Google happened.  Boom.  Eton Mess it is.  Who knew? All I know is... I'm totally hooked on this Chocolate Covered Strawberry Eton Mess.  It's a perfect make-ahead easy entertaining dessert for all those summer parties I'll be throwing in the next few months. So here's the deal.  Eton Mess is a traditional English dessert that originated at England's Read More >

Open Faced Burger Eggs Benedict >

On 05.27.2015 by Gina Matsoukas

Prior to 2009, I had never had eggs Benedict. I have no idea how I let myself get to 27 years old without experiencing the deliciousness that is a perfectly poached egg on a crispy English muffin with creamy, buttery hollandaise sauce on top, but somehow it happened. In March of 2009 we found ourselves at a Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico on vacation and with enough points racked up from work travel, we got free breakfast every morning in the hotel restaurant. Usually hotel restaurants are nothing to get excited about but on the first morning when I saw 5 different types of eggs benedict options on the menu, I knew breakfast would easily become one of the best parts of the day. Read More >


On 04.28.2015 by Chris Cockren

There are many great reasons to love May.  The weather finally gets its act together here in NY.  The flowers and trees start remembering to act alive and wake the heck up.  And, of course, Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day. Boom. I get way too excited for Cinco de Mayo every year.  I'm pretty obsessed with Mexican/Tex-Mex/Southwest flavors, and any excuse to shovel said food into my piehole at the speed of light is a huge win in my book.  I actually think my love of Mexican food began because of my mom, who is pretty famous within the vast circles of our immediate family for her chicken fajitas.  It used to be a weekly meal in our house growing up that we all looked forward to. Read More >

Farro and Fried Eggs >

On 04.20.2015 by Chef Louise Mellor

What is farro and why in the world would you serve it with bacon and eggs?  Farro is an ancient grain that Italians have been eating for hundreds of years.  More specifically, it is a wheat grain (sorry, not gluten free) and it can usually be found in your local grocery store or specialty market.  You can find farro, spelt, or barley (each can be used interchangeably) in the grain aisle or where you typically find specialty products like Bob’s Red Mill flour and grains.  If you have never tried farro before, I want to encourage you to give it a try.  The flavor is hearty and nutty … a bit like brown rice, but in my opinion much tastier.  It is loaded with fiber, Read More >