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Paleo Crepes with Strawberry Jam >

On 03.19.2015 by Gina Matsoukas

Paleo. If you haven’t heard the word before you’ve likely been living under a rock (a pretty big one too) for the past five years or so as this diet has seeped out of the small fitness niche it lived in and pretty much taken over the world. Okay, slight exaggeration maybe but seriously, I hear it everywhere. As someone that does CrossFit regularly, I’ve of course dabbled with it myself from full out Whole30 months (omg, give me the chocolate!) to where I’m at now which is eating paleo-ish a good chunk of the time. Here’s thing, I don’t believe peanuts and beans and are going to kill me, but I also believe we eat far too many carbohydrates. And then there’s the whole Read More >

Five Hot Breakfast Recipes for Cold Mornings >

On 02.21.2015 by Chantel Arsenault

February is hot breakfast month but with the record breaking cold temperatures across the country I doubt anyone needs a national food month to want to start their day with something warm and hearty. It's getting closer to the end of winter (hopefully!), so if you’re like me you might need some new hot breakfast ideas for inspiration. Below, I’ve rounded up of five hot and delicious breakfasts from the Safest Choice Eggs’ recipe center. It's been cold here in Chicago for awhile now so I’ve been making these recipes a lot lately. Buttermilk Pancakes Pancakes have always been a favorite of mine. Especially on a lazy weekend morning when it’s cold outside and I all I want to do is stay home in my pj's. Fresh buttermilk is the secret Read More >

Good fats: Avocados >

On 01.14.2015 by Chantel Arsenault

Ever wonder why monounsaturated fats are considered good fats? Discover the health benefits. Good fats in a healthy diet How can you incorporate more good fats in your diet? Try our avocado smoothie recipe. Good fats + protein = nutritious pick-me-up. So drink to your health!

Portobello Mushroom Egg Bakes >

On 01.08.2015 by Gina Matsoukas

My husband and I have two very different opinions on eggs. He’s a “scrambled or over hard” kinda guy and I’m a “if it ain’t runny, don’t even bother” kinda gal. I can’t even watch him make breakfast half the time because it pains me to see him cooking the eggs to death. He’s also a medium-well steak kinda guy, don’t even get me started on that… These mushroom bakes, however, can go either way. Want them runny (Safest Choice Eggs are perfect for this!) so that creamy yolk drips into the ricotta spinach mixture? You know I do! Follow the recipe as written. Want to deface the egg and practically eat it hardboiled? Don’t tell me you’re doing it, but just cook it a Read More >

Hot Chocolate Eggnog with Eggnog Whipped Cream >

On 12.09.2014 by Chris Cockren

Goodbye apple cider and apple crisp.  These past few months have been fun. It's time to break out the eggnog and hot chocolate.  And cookies.  A large quantity of cookies. Wait.   Lightbulb moment.  This may sound crazy.  But what if we could have eggnog AND hot chocolate... all at once. That's right... Hot Chocolate Eggnog. And you know what?  It's Christmas time.  Let's get a little crazy.  A tad bit wild.  Let's top our new love child of two classic holiday drinks with Eggnog Whipped Cream.  #nailedit Impress the heck out of your friends and family this holiday season by serving them this elegant concoction.  Hot Chocolate Eggnog with Eggnog Whipped Cream, anyone? Oh man.  I don't know if I can ever drink regular Read More >

Illustrated Recipe: Peppermint Patties >

On 11.17.2014 by Chantel Arsenault

You can't go wrong with chocolate and peppermint. The perfect combination of sweet and cool, this peppermint patties recipe is a fun holiday treat—and with Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs, they are safe to eat. Go ahead and indulge!

Pumpkin Waffle Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Sandwiches >

On 11.13.2014 by Gina Matsoukas

I’m honestly not sure which is better, Thanksgiving Day itself or the days following when your fridge is packed to the gills with leftovers and you know you don’t have to cook for at least a week. My husband hates leftovers. I, however, think they’re pretty much the best thing ever and you can bet there have been many arguments over this in the past eight years we’ve been married. He sees a skillet full of dinner and thinks “must finish” (say that in a caveman voice for the full effect). I see a skillet full of dinner and think “sweet, there’s at least one serving for leftovers!” Thankfully, when it comes to Thanksgiving, no matter how hard he tries, there’s just no way possible Read More >

Illustrated Recipe: White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies >

On 10.22.2014 by Chantel Arsenault

This white chocolate candy corn blondie recipe is perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving! Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs give you a safe way to whip up all your favorite treats! Unlike regular eggs, they eliminate the Salmonella risk when you bake. Check out this recipe (created by Laura of the blog, Pies and Plots) and others in our recipe center!

Bacon + Egg Brussels Sprout Salad with Sweet Potato and Avocado >

On 10.18.2014 by Chris Cockren

Now I love my wife.  She's an absolutely stunning woman with an equally huge and caring heart. But people.  A perfectly soft cooked egg with a velvety, luscious yolk?  Now that's the epitome of beauty.  It's the Scarlett Johansson of the food world.  My wife would say Bradley Cooper.  Or Geoffrey Zakarian... she has a weird obsession with him.  I digress. Point is... eggs are legit.  Especially on top of this epic gluten-free and paleo friendly salad. And this isn't your average lame side salad... some limp lettuce and bottled dressing with a few pathetic vegetables thrown in the mix. Heck no.  This Bacon and Egg Brussels Sprout Salad with Sweet Potato + Avocado has some serious flavor on flavor action going on. I've been wanting to make a Read More >

Pumpkin Bacon Grits with Poached Eggs >

On 09.22.2014 by Gina Matsoukas

I have a serious issue with the pumpkin craze starting in August. I blame Starbucks for 95% of this with the arrival of their pumpkin spice lattes before September even hits. I spent three months tending to tomato plants this summer and it’s like everyone just wants to forget about tomatoes now that they’re finally ready to be picked, give up sweet peaches, just skip right over zucchini and go straight to pumpkin. It drives me nuts and I refuse to give into it! Now that fall is here tomorrow though, I’m finally ready to do some pumpkin in a seasonally appropriate manner. So what better way than to start your morning with a big piping hot bowl of it? I bought a container of Read More >