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Joshua’s Heart Foundation and Donor Next Door Event

Joshua’s Heart Foundation was founded in 2005 by a five-year-old boy named Joshua. His heart conceived a passion for assisting those who struggle daily to procure food for basic survival. Joshua’s vision is to “break the cycle of poverty” and to “stomp out hunger” in indigent and underprivileged communities as well as for those who battle debilitating disease that affects their ability to earn enough financially to fend for themselves.


Joshua’s Heart Foundation (JHF), a non-profit-organization empowers needy people to improve their quality of life. JHF does so by providing items of basic necessity, such as food and other grocery products, and by effectively engaging and educating communities at home and abroad about committing to fight hunger and poverty on a global basis. JHF has distributed more than 300,000 pounds of food to over 7,000 individuals who were in need.

Safest Choice™ President, Greg West, first met Joshua at a taping of the Bonnie Hunt Show in 2009. Greg heard about the young philanthropist’s goal for his foundation to be able to help more people in need.  To help him with his wish, Greg presented JHF with a $15,000 check.

Since then Safest Choice has been committed to helping this charitable organization by donating dozens of eggs for distribution to the needy.

“Eggs are the gold standard of nutrition. They provide protein and vital nutrients,” said Mr. West. “We felt that we could help with the Foundation’s mission of stomping out hunger by providing safe, nutritious eggs to people who desperately need the nutritional benefits eggs provide.”

Recently, JHF honored Safest Choice at LEAVE A LEGACY®’s 10th annual “Donor Next Door” event in Miami, Florida. LEAVE A LEGACY®’s mission is to promote philanthropy, to assist philanthropic organizations and to provide a link between the critical needs of our community and of the 1,100 nonprofits in South Florida.

At the Donor Next Door event

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