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Light & Healthy Recipes with Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs

If you’re a fan of nutrition for health, you may want to check out the new Light & Healthy recipes in the Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs Recipe Center. Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010, the Safest Choice team has developed this special group of safe egg recipes especially for your healthy diet.

Nutrition Guidance

The USDA has been releasing nutrition guidance for Americans in the form of Dietary Guidelines since 1980. “Poor diet and physical inactivity are the most important factors contributing to an epidemic of overweight and obesity in this country,�? according to the USDA. They say, “Diet and physical inactivity are associated with major causes of morbidity and mortality. These include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and some types of cancer.�? You can think of the Dietary Guidelines as all-purpose sound nutrition, designed to apply to most Americans.

Safe Egg Recipes for Egg Nutrition

Eggs are a nutrition powerhouse, with 6 grams of protein each—at only 70 calories in a large egg. (Learn more about egg nutrition)

Maximizing the nutrient density of eggs, the Light & Healthy egg recipes also limit fat and sodium, meeting these criteria in every serving:

  • Maximum Calories: Entrée: 400 Kcal; soup, salad, side, bread, beverage, or dessert: 250 Kcal (Soup, salad, side, bread, beverage, or dessert: 250)
  • Maximum Total Fat: Entrée: 13gm; soup, salad, side, bread, beverage, or dessert: 8gm
  • Maximum Saturated Fat: Entrée: 4gm; soup, salad, side, bread, beverage, or dessert: 3gm
  • Maximum Trans Fat: Entrée: less than 0.5gm; soup, salad, side, bread, beverage, or dessert: less than 0.5gm
  • Maximum Sodium: Entrée: 400mg; soup, salad, side, bread, beverage, or dessert: 250mg 

Try the baked eggs with kale, mushroom and tomato recipe, the refreshing, high-protein orange mango smoothie recipe, or the new no-mayo curry egg salad recipe. The egg, spinach, and sweet pepper mini frittatas recipe is easy to make and sneaks in some healthy vegetables. At just 90 calories, this is a great healthy egg recipe for any time of day.

What’s your favorite Light & Healthy Egg Recipe?