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Making the Safest Choice for our Planet

In honor of Earth Day I wanted to share many of the ways the Safest Choice™ team works hard towards being an environmentally responsible and sustainable business. I appreciate knowing that sustainability and being green is not only important to me, but to our entire team. In the two years that I have worked for the Safest Choice, I have been impressed to see numerous changes occur throughout our production facilities. 

We actively recycle, reuse, and repurpose many different materials including our egg cartons and shipping materials. Our offices have been affixed with low energy light bulbs to reduce our energy consumption. An energy saving HVAC system has been installed. These efforts, in conjunction with increasing insulation in the buildings and curtain seals, have reduced company energy consumption by 20%. And in our production facilities a new hand washing system was recently put in resulting in 20% less water being used.

A major component of the Safest Choice technology involves water usage for the gentle, warm water bath used in the pasteurization process. Over the years, Safest Choice has changed the water system to reduce our water usage. An active analysis of water usage is in place to extend the life of the water used in pasteurization allowing us to save 8,000 gallons of water per day in our facilities. Our boilers have also been modified to become more efficient by implementing a system that controls the way they turn on and off, allowing them to use less energy than a traditional system.

Sustainability and green initiatives have also spread down to our distribution lines. We have worked very hard to optimize the distribution lines by prioritizing full truckloads that work to reduce diesel emissions. Our operations team is always looking for a way to reduce our carbon footprint and has a long-term goal of looking into how we can continue to reduce our diesel use. One major step our team has logistically taken to reach this goal is by moving our facilities as close to our farm partners as possible so we can process at the source of the eggs.

Here at Safest Choice, we are very proud to partner, both domestically and internationally with businesses that follow their own sustainability efforts. One of our farm partners serves as a leading example of reusing hen waste as fertilizer for not only their farm, but also the surrounding community. Internationally, we have worked with our Singapore partner to create a system that uses the waste from the hens as biogas to run the entire facility. Even our facility in South Dakota uses propane, reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

One of my favorite green initiatives is our retail cartons. The cartons are made from post-use recyclable materials, making them both reusable and decomposable. They are made out of the most compostable packaging available. By using cartons made from the most compostable packaging available, we are able to deliver this green initiative to our consumers who are able to repurpose the cartons for gardening, planting seeds and at home composts! We even have a Pinterest board, “For DIY Eggsperts�?, which is dedicated to reusing and repurposing your egg cartons. Also, the eggs we pasteurize come from hens fed vegetarian diets with no animal fats and byproducts, helping us to reduce our carbon footprint.

While we have many great sustainable and green initiatives in place, we are always working towards doing more. The Safest Choice team works hard to make sure we operate as sustainably as possible to bring you a product that is not only a healthy choice for you, but also one that is a better choice for our planet.