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Mini Pumpkin Pies with Marshmallow

I love unexpected things.  A card in the mail for no reason.  A pop of purple with an all-black outfit.  A garden in the middle of a city.  They are all things that we for whatever reason have come to find as surprises, but when we encounter them they are among the best kind of surprises.  They make us smile, give us something to talk about, and sometimes we remember them for the rest of our lives.

Everyone thinks of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.  Are there any tables on which it doesn’t make an appearance?  I wanted to do something unexpected.  Enter pumpkin pie for Halloween, but this is not ordinary pumpkin pie.  Rather it’s Halloween party friendly Mini Pumpkin Pies with Marshmallow.  No one will be expecting pumpkin pie for Halloween, but once you taste these pies you’ll know exactly they couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving.  Their individual portion size makes them perfect for Halloween, as it is with about all tiny treats.  The addition of homemade marshmallow frosting adds in that touch of candy for the holiday, though it’s better than any candy you’ve bought in a store and is completely addictive.

Made in a greased muffin tin, they begin with a pie crust changed up from typical crust with pecans and bourbon, and it doesn’t even need to be rolled out.  Rather you just press it into the tins.  Each is then filled with a spiced pumpkin filling made with homemade pumpkin puree, though canned would likely also work.  There will be leftover filling.  I made little pumpkin custards with it that were as tasty as the pies.  It’s the marshmallow on top that makes these pies an irresistible treat.  Though it requires a candy thermometer to make, don’t be afraid, it’s super easy and it’s something I make all the time.  Whether you choose to brulee it or not, you’ll be putting the marshmallow frosting on just about everything.

Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs are super important in this recipe.  When making a custard filled treat such as this, you do not want it to be overcooked, always leaving the risk of potentially under cooked eggs.  Using Safest Choice Eggs eliminates the worry about custard that’s perfectly jiggly in the center.  But, they’re even more important in the marshmallow.  While the sugar syrup is boiling hot when added to the egg whites, I wouldn’t feel comfortable making or eating it without pasteurized eggs, because I don’t think they get hot enough to be fully cooked.  Safest Choice eggs are a baker’s best friend all the time but especially in this recipe.

Pumpkin Pie and Halloween?  They’re a pretty unexpected combination, but once you pair the two they’ll go together just like Safest Choice Eggs and baking! Check out my full recipe for Mini Pumpkins Pies with Marshmallow here!