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New Store Locations

Our eggs have always been popular when it comes to foodservice. Many hospitals, long-term care facilities, college and universities, hotels, and restaurant chains are aware of the risk associated with serving large quantities of people unpasteurized eggs. Now – after the largest egg recall in American history –  more everyday consumers are aware of the risk of salmonella in eggs and want to make the safest choice when grocery shopping.

Because of this increase in demand Safest Choice has been able to get into a number of new stores throughout the country. This wouldn’t have happened without the help of interested consumers. Thank you to everyone who has continued to buy our eggs, or signed petitions, or asked their grocer directly to carry us. This support has helped us to continue to grow and get closer to our goal of safe eggs being available for everyone! Below is a list of the different states and grocery stores that will now be stocking Safest Choice. For a complete list of stores click here.

  • In California we will be in Save Mart Supermarkets, and soon to Gleson’s and Nugget Market.
  • In Connecticut we will be in C-Town, Met Foodmarkets and soon to Shoprite.
  • In Delaware and Maryland we will soon be in Shoprite.
  • Illinois, Iowa and Kansas will soon have our eggs in Hy-Vee.
  • In Michigan we are now in three Plum Market locations.
  • In Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota we will be in Hy-Vee.
  • New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania have the most additions: Associated Markets, Bravo Supermarkets, C-Town, Fine Fare Supermarkets, King Kullen, Kings Supermarkets, Met Foodmarkets, Pioneer Supermarkets, Western Beef Supermarkets and soon to Shoprite.