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Nothing says I love you like…Buttermilk Bacon Waffles

Forget the bouquet of flowers, it’s so cliché. Do away with that heart shaped box of chocolates. She will love you now and hate you later when the box is empty and she can’t zip her dress. Lastly, don’t even think about that wide-eyed stuffed teddy bear cuddling a heart, what are you thinking? We are not in high school and drugstore gifts just won’t do. Let me help you out with a full proof Valentine’s Day plan. I’m a seasoned professional, a Love Doctor if you will, a certified romance expert … in the kitchen that is.  I have the perfect, no-fail, get out of jail free, Valentine’s Day plan.


Step #1 – Do not wait until Valentine’s Day night to let your sweetie know you love them.  Start bright and early, get the day off to the right start.  Nobody wants to anxiously wait and watch their co-workers receive flowers and gifts all day while they are left to wonder if you really love them at all.  If you are a smart cookie you will take my advice and start the night before.  Quietly while your sweetheart is sleeping, place Hershey’s kisses all around their bed. Then tip toe into the bathroom and with dry erase markers, draw hearts and kisses on the bathroom mirror with a big “I love you�?.  First thing in the morning, you can explain that you’ve heard about this before. Tell them Cupid must have kissed them in the night and that legend has been told that they will fall madly in love with the first person they see.

Whipping up a no-fail plan for Valentine's Day

Step #2 – It’s Valentine’s Day and now they are up and if you have done your job right, your Valentine is smiling and feeling pretty special.  Tell them they are allowed to go to the restroom and then must immediately return to bed.  By now they have seen the bathroom mirror Valentine and are grinning ear to ear. Tuck them back into bed and excuse yourself to the kitchen.

Get cracking on breakfast in bed for your Valentine

Step #3 –  There is no sweeter way to start Valentine’s day than breakfast in bed and nothing says I love you more than … BACON! Project Valentine’s Day will be in the bag once you come walking in the bedroom door with a big plate of warm buttermilk bacon waffles drowning in pure maple syrup.  Top those waffles with a crispy fried egg dripping it’s yolk down the side and throw in hot cup of Joe? You might just put Hallmark out of business.

Buttermilk Backon Waffles are a lovely start to Valentine's Day