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November is National Diabetes Month®

National Diabetes Month® corresponds to the vision of the American Diabetes Association: “a life free of diabetes and all of its burdens.�? Diabetes is so common, it touches almost everyone’s life.

Diabetes Infographic Taking care of diabetes can help protect your health and prevent complications, such as nerve damage, kidney failure, vision problems, or amputations. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet contribute to health for everyone—and especially for someone who has diabetes or prediabetes. The Safest Choice™ wellness team supports healthy eating with diabetes as part of its Eggs: Nutrition for Life initiative.

Eggs: Nutrition for Life

Eggs in a healthy diet for diabetes

Eggs offer an economical and easy source of protein packed with egg nutrition. Advises the American Diabetes Association, “Best protein choices are: plant-based proteins, fish and seafood, chicken and other poultry, cheese, and eggs.�? For healthy eating ideas and recipes, download the “Safe Eggs and Healthy Eating with Diabetes�? brochure from, or browse our light & healthy egg recipes.

Food safety and diabetes

Science tells us that diabetes can predispose a person to foodborne illness—already so common that 1 in 6 people is affected every year, according to the CDC. This means extra precautions are a good idea for anyone with diabetes. If you have diabetes, the FDA recommends:

  • At home—Use pasteurized eggs/egg products when preparing recipes that call for raw or undercooked eggs.
  • When eating out—Ask if pasteurized eggs were used.

SafeEggs™ are a great complement to wellness and healthy eating with diabetes. Here’s to healthy blood sugar!