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Open Faced Burger Eggs Benedict

Open Faced Eggs Benedict Burger made with Davidson's @SafeEggs Prior to 2009, I had never had eggs Benedict. I have no idea how I let myself get to 27 years old without experiencing the deliciousness that is a perfectly poached egg on a crispy English muffin with creamy, buttery hollandaise sauce on top, but somehow it happened.

In March of 2009 we found ourselves at a Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico on vacation and with enough points racked up from work travel, we got free breakfast every morning in the hotel restaurant. Usually hotel restaurants are nothing to get excited about but on the first morning when I saw 5 different types of eggs benedict options on the menu, I knew breakfast would easily become one of the best parts of the day.

I tried every one of those 5 variations on the classic breakfast, my favorite being the Puerto Rican version they had with mofongo (a local plantain dish) incorporated in it and swore to myself I would make us eggs Benedict on the weekends when we got home.

Open Faced Burger Benedict with Safest Choice Eggs

Fast forward to 6 years and that never happened until now. I guess it was the fear of the hollandaise sauce that held me back from keeping my promise but once I realized hollandaise really isn’t difficult and can be easily be made in a blender, I decided to go all out.

This open faced burger eggs Benedict is one heck of a weekend brunch and so filling you could even do it for lunch or dinner (brinner anyone?) too. I’m actually smack in the middle of a month of eating paleo so I made these on top of a paleo English muffin but of course the real thing works just as well. I’ll let you decide which part is the best because between the medium-rare burger, the perfectly poached Safest Choice egg and the creamy hollandaise, it’s totally up in the air for me. Get my recipe for Open Faced Burger Eggs Benedict here.

Open Faced Burger Benedict with Safest Choice Eggs @SafeEggs