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Made Safer…Naturally

Safest Choice™ pasteurizes shell eggs using a patented all-natural warm water bath process.

The process starts with the arrival of clean, farm-fresh eggs. These come from pre-approved, family owned and operated, USDA certified and inspected farms. Next, carriers transport the eggs to our clean, warm water bath pasteurizer. The eggs continue through the bath at exact time and temperatures to assure accurate pasteurization.

They are conveyed out of the bath and through an automatic waxing unit which applies a food grade wax over the egg shell. That acts as a seal to protect from absorption of any cross-contaminants that otherwise could pass through the egg shell’s thousands of open pores. Finally, the eggs receive a red Circle ‘P’ stamp identifying them as pasteurized using the Safest Choice process.

The process results in the destruction of bacteria and viruses inside and outside the shell. It preserves the freshness and taste as well as significantly extending the shelf life of the eggs. Nonetheless our eggs look, cook and taste just like other shell eggs.

And that’s how we pasteurize our eggs, naturally!