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Paleo Spring Breakfast Salad

Spring Breakfast Salad 4 From gluten-free to paleo to ketogenic, there’s no shortage of diets out there for people to follow. While there are some similarities between diets, there are also some major differences and as a Registered Dietitian, I believe they all have their pros and cons. It seems, however, no matter how you choose to eat, most people would agree that we should all be eating more vegetables!

Rich in fiber and nutrients, they’re a great addition to most diets. For most, it’s easy to add veggies to meals later in the day, like lunch and dinner, but many people overlook the opportunity to add vegetables to breakfast!

Enter this breakfast salad! Yes, this is a salad in the traditional sense of the word because it’s full of leafy greens. But it’s also loaded with roasted veggies and topped with over easy eggs. Added bonus? You can use those beautiful runny yolks as a salad dressing of sorts!

Spring Breakfast Salad 6 For this salad, I chose to include a lot of fresh spring veggies because that’s what is in season now. Seasonal vegetables are usually at their peak freshness and tasting their best, plus they’re cheapest when they’re in season because they are readily available.

Since some of the veggies have different cooking times, this does require a little coordination in the oven, but it’s not too difficult.

I cooked the sweet potatoes and radishes on one pan and the bacon and asparagus on another. Note- this salad is paleo-friendly, but if you’re not super concerned about that, adding a little cinnamon and sugar to the sweet potatoes and radishes when roasting is a great idea! If not, just cinnamon by itself does that trick!

Spring Breakfast Salad 2 Also, in the photos I show just one egg per salad, but feel free to double up and add another one to yours! Here’s the recipe for my Paleo Spring Breakfast Salad, so you can make this lovely salad at home.