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Paleo Crepes with Strawberry Jam

Paleo Crepes

Paleo. If you haven’t heard the word before you’ve likely been living under a rock (a pretty big one too) for the past five years or so as this diet has seeped out of the small fitness niche it lived in and pretty much taken over the world. Okay, slight exaggeration maybe but seriously, I hear it everywhere.

As someone that does CrossFit regularly, I’ve of course dabbled with it myself from full out Whole30 months (omg, give me the chocolate!) to where I’m at now which is eating paleo-ish a good chunk of the time. Here’s thing, I don’t believe peanuts and beans and are going to kill me, but I also believe we eat far too many carbohydrates. And then there’s the whole dairy debate. I love dairy. I will never give up whole milk and all the cheese. However, when I don’t eat it, I also notice that my stomach is the same size at night as it was in the morning when I woke up. Curse you, dairy bloat!

All this to say, paleo 100% of the time isn’t for me. 85% percent of the time, however, feels right and if you looked in my pantry right now you’d find far more “weird�? flours than regular ones taking up residence on the shelves.

“Paleo-izing�? breakfast foods is one of my favorite ways to play around with the diet (these paleo english muffins are a weekly staple). After a trip to Whole Foods recently and a crepe stand tempting me with its delicious smells as I ate my sushi lunch, I figured out what my next paleo experiment would be.

Paleo crepes

I fully expected this recipe to be a challenge, I won’t lie. Crepes can be a little tricky with normal flour, let alone coconut flour so I was happily surprised when these paleo crepes came together exactly as I had imagined without any issues. Tapioca flour is the key. It helps bind and keep the otherwise temperamental coconut flour in line. If you can’t find it, arrowroot powder is a great substitution. I went the sweet route with the filling in these considering there are five whole eggs in the recipe itself, but you could easily swap it out for an egg and greens scramble filling too if you’re craving something savory instead. The other great thing about these paleo crepes is they freeze beautifully for an easy and quick grain-free breakfast option. Find my recipe for paleo crepes with strawberry chia seed jam in Safest Choice’s recipe center here.

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