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Pork and Egg Breakfast Pizzas Recipe

As you know, this year I’m teaming up with Davidson’s Safest Choice® pasteurized eggs for a series of delicious recipes! So far we’ve covered protein-packed snacks with baked scotch eggs, veggies for breakfast with this spring breakfast salad (would be delicious with your favorite fall veggies), an easy dessert with strawberry cookies and cream ice cream (no ice cream maker required!), and a quick back-to-school breakfast with this egg in a hole breakfast sandwich.

Today, we’re continuing to talk about breakfast—but this recipe is geared more towards the football crowd than the back-to-school crowd! These pork and egg breakfast pizzas are perfect for an early morning football party or tailgate party for one of those noon games that are inevitably on your team’s schedule. But don’t let the name fool you. You could really eat these any time of any day.

Since Davidson’s™ eggs are pasteurized before they hit store shelves, they’re perfect for sunny-side up eggs because you can eat the runny yolk without worrying about Salmonella bacteria. This breakfast is protein-packed to help keep you full through the game (or at least until halftime!) and will pair nicely with your drink of choice—alcoholic or non.

this Pork and Egg Breakfast Pizza is perfect for a late morning football party or tailgating. Cook the pork overnight, then just shred, assemble and top with an egg

These breakfast pizzas are super easy to make and can easily be made to feed a crowd. To simplify your life, cook your pork overnight in the crockpot, so all you have to do in the morning is shred the pork, assemble the pizzas, and cook the eggs. Plus, sunny side up eggs are just about the easiest kind to make. Just crack into a hot, greased pan, let cook for about 2 minutes and voila! Since they cook quickly, you could definitely make enough of these individual pizzas to feed a crowd. Let one person assemble while the other person cooks the eggs! You could whip up 7-8 pizzas in about 15 minutes.

Get my recipe for pork and egg breakfast pizzas. Feel free to adjust the quantities to feed more or less people.