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Roasted Pepper & Potato Egg Salad with Red Wine Caper Vinaigrette

What to do, what to do… with leftover hardboiled eggs?  An even better question would be, “How to make the perfect hardboiled egg�?, but we will leave that conversation for another day.  Let’s just face the reality, no matter what method you use to make hard boiled eggs, one fact remains: cooking-cooling-and-peeling-eggs takes a lot of patience! And once you’re done … you don’t want to waste all of that effort by letting them sit in your refrigerator!

This recipe is a fresh vegetarian version of the classic Nicoise composed salad that typically is served with tuna or salmon.  I have replaced the fish with a double serving of hard boiled eggs for protein, and paired it with tangy red wine vinaigrette made with briny little capers.  Capers can be found in the grocery store aisle alongside the pickles and olives.  They taste like salty little olives, but are even better.  Roasted red peppers add vibrant color and depth of flavor to the salad.  If you don’t have time to roast peppers yourself, you can buy them in a jar – my favorite brand is Melissa’s produce.

Roasted pepper and potato egg salad with red wine caper vinaigrette 1

This salad is lovely for brunch or lunch and is perfect for entertaining.  It can be prepared ahead and served cold.  Composed salads like this one are so beautiful, especially when topped with the gorgeous yellow and white eggs!  Try tossing your salad without the eggs in a large bowl and then display the salad on a large platter with the eggs arranged over top as a garnish.  By serving the dressing on the side you can then save your leftovers from becoming soggy.

If your family is anything like mine, there usually aren’t any leftover eggs – we simply love them.  I don’t have to worry about hiding the eggs from the big bunny, but I do have to hide the eggs from both my husband and Flapjack (our Golden Doodle).  Both of them enjoy stealing a handful of these hard boiled beauties when I leave them on the counter to cool.

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