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Southwest Omelette Breakfast Wontons

Southwest omelette wontons recipe featuring Davidson's @SafeEggs

I have to admit. I’m not a huge breakfast person. Never have been and probably never will. Usually it’s just a grab something on the go, just to tide me over until I can get to the much preferred lunch and dinner (and then of course my favorite course: dessert).

But once in a while, I get motivated to actually make something epic for breakfast.

Let’s see if this scenario happens to anyone else. You’re excited to get your breakfast on, only to go into the fridge and find like just a few eggs left? Ugh. The worst. My breakfast hopes and dreams… crushed.

Have no fear.  A legit breakfast can still be salvaged with this solution.  Southwest Omelette Breakfast Wontons. Those few eggs can go a long way and happily serve 4 people. Boom. You’re an instant breakfast hero.

Southwest omelette wontons recipe featuring Davidson's @SafeEggs I always have a few staples in my house…

  •  A bag of frozen corn in the freezer. Duh, corn is awesome and should be added to recipes whenever possible. 😉
  • Bell peppers and jalapenos in the freezer.  I’m notorious for buying more produce than I can use before it goes bad.  Peppers freeze very well, so I always have a few in the freezer for situations just like this.
  • Shallots and/or onions on the counter.
  • Lots and lots of different cheeses in the fridge. Because, well, hello… it’s cheese.

And this, my friends, is how these Southwest Omelette Breakfast Wontons were born (and then met their untimely demise as my wife Asheley and I immediately devoured them).

Southwest omelette wontons recipe featuring Davidson's @SafeEggs I know.  You might be saying who in the world just has wonton wrappers lying around. This guy. That’s who. I love, LOVE, making anything and everything into wontons. They are perfect when you’re trying to stretch a little bit of food into a meal, and really… they are just so darn fun to eat.

Soon you’ll always have them on hand in your fridge as well, stuffing them with all sorts of creative fillings. Bonus tip… you can stuff them and boil for a faux-ravioli instead of making pasta by hand. You’re welcome.

Speaking of things you need in your fridge? Add Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs to your list. They are pasteurized. Yes… you heard that right. Pasteurized. You can literally eat them raw without any worry of Salmonella. That’s pretty amazing, especially when you have a wife that loves to lick the brownie bowl clean.  😉