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Two Eggs a Day – End of Week One

Sunday through Wednesday went pretty well. Meals were good and what little snacking I did involved fruit and nuts. My portions at dinner are good, but are starting to fall below Fred… Keep reading

01/28/11 by Jay Berglind

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Four

Stayed with the program okay for a hangover day. I had brined a brisket and made pastrami. It was delicious. Not quite as good as Katz’s in NYC but it was only my… Keep reading

01/22/11 by Jay Berglind

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Two

I forgot to mention that I will be posting my weight on a weekly basis. Monitoring your weight daily leads to an unseemly metabolic fixation, if you know what I mean. Exactly… Keep reading

01/21/11 by Jay Berglind

The Yolk is No Joke

Eggs have a slightly bad reputation because they contain cholesterol and cholesterol is linked to heart disease. This misconception may keep some people from eating eggs and Safest Choice feels they are missing… Keep reading

12/20/10 by Elizabeth McCauley