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DIY Egg Carton Succulents >

On 05.05.2016 by Chantel Arsenault

If you’re like many people, you love succulents. Unfortunately, succulents don’t fare very well indoors. Not anymore. Bring succulents inside with our egg carton succulents DIY! Here’s what you’ll need: An empty Davidson’s Safest Choice® egg carton Scissors Acrylic paint (various colors) Paint brushes Hot glue gun + glue sticks How to build your egg carton succulents Trim egg carton, removing tall tips between egg cups. Set aside. Cut out individual egg cups. Layer one: Select egg cup and cut four pointed petals. Cut petals off cup, creating four individual petals. Set aside. Layer two: Take another cup and cut at each corner—creating four flaps. Cut top third of each flap into a pointed petal. Set aside. Layer three: Select another cup and cut four Read More >

Halloween Egg Carton Treat Holder DIY >

On 10.14.2015 by Chantel Arsenault

Halloween is an egg-cellent time to get crafty. Our Halloween egg carton treat holders are fun and easy to assemble. Best of all, your little trick-or-treater will absolutely love them! What you’ll need: An empty Safest Choice™ egg carton Acrylic paint (black, white, green, red) Paint brushes Googly eyes Hot glue gun + glue sticks Scissors Assorted ribbon Permanent marker Candy How to Build Our Egg Carton Treat Holders Cut individual egg cups from carton. Use two cups for each treat holder. Dracula Treat Holder Paint one egg cup green—Dracula’s head. Paint other egg cup black—Dracula’s cape. Set aside and let dry. Use black paint to add hair to Dracula’s head. Set aside and let dry. Paint a red triangle down the center of Dracula’s Read More >