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Halloween Happy Hour

Happy Halloween! Tonight the spirits get spooky as I try the Food Network’s Candy Corn Cordials, with some slight variations. I found blood red orange candy corn to make it extra gory.… Keep reading

10/31/10 by Chantel Arsenault

Devilish Eggs are a Spooky Halloween Party Food

No Halloween party menu can be complete without including some devilishly deviled eggs. After all, nothing gets you into the Halloween spirit like eating an “eyeball” or “spiderweb.” Don’t be sacred by… Keep reading

10/29/10 by Chantel Arsenault

How to Have a Safe and Fun Halloween

With Halloween less than a week away everyone’s plans and preparations are under way. This time of year is about scary costumes, spooky parties, tricks and yummy treats. However, the Center for… Keep reading

10/27/10 by Chantel Arsenault