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It’s February: Love Your Heart

February is American Heart Month As usual, when beginning to write my blog for Safest Choice Eggs, I spend some time just thinking about my topic.  It’s so interesting to examine some… Keep reading

02/05/13 by Susan Burke March

Happy Chinese New Year

February 3, 2011 welcomes in the Year of the Rabbit which is supposed to bring good luck, a life style to be leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries we have always… Keep reading

02/04/11 by Debbie Rayhab

Two Eggs a Day – End of Week One

Sunday through Wednesday went pretty well. Meals were good and what little snacking I did involved fruit and nuts. My portions at dinner are good, but are starting to fall below Fred… Keep reading

01/28/11 by Jay Berglind

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Four

Stayed with the program okay for a hangover day. I had brined a brisket and made pastrami. It was delicious. Not quite as good as Katz’s in NYC but it was only my… Keep reading

01/22/11 by Jay Berglind

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Two

I forgot to mention that I will be posting my weight on a weekly basis. Monitoring your weight daily leads to an unseemly metabolic fixation, if you know what I mean. Exactly… Keep reading

01/21/11 by Jay Berglind
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