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Drunken Cherry Ice Cream >

On 09.10.2013 by Jennifer Farley

I love making ice cream at home from scratch. For starters, it's one of my favorite desserts. But there's more to it than that. Preparing ice cream at home is very formulaic and once you get the basics down, the possible flavor combinations are endless. And because it's such a simple process, I find the preparation to be soothing, almost zen like. All that's involved is making a custard and then freezing it in an ice cream maker (there are also plenty of recipes online for making ice cream without a machine). That's it. And if you've never made a custard, it's quite simple. There are 3 ingredients: egg yolks, sugar and cream. I've had a few readers express concern to me because they think Read More >

Summer Arugula Salad with Soft Boiled Eggs and Dijon Vinaigrette >

On 08.07.2013 by Jennifer Farley

I've always loved visiting my local farmer's market throughout the year. The beautiful colors of fresh produce inspire me to create new recipes for my blog and to serve healthy meals to my husband, Jeff. Living just outside of Washington DC, I'm lucky enough to have not one but many fantastic markets to explore throughout the week. Many of these locations aren't limited to just produce. I can purchase fresh baked breads, cheeses, meats, butter and other assorted ingredients. Over time I've slowly made my way through different items and for the most part I've found many wonderful products. With one exception. I don't mean to be an alarmist but my husband and I had a terrible experience the first time we bought local eggs Read More >

Blueberry Filled Angel Food Cupcakes with Lemon Whipped Cream >

On 06.20.2013 by Emily Hobbs

It’s blueberry season once again, and I don’t know about you – I’m planning on stocking up this year.  I’m going to buy pints and pints of blueberries, freeze them, and have good blueberries all year long.  They are my absolute favorite fruit. I wanted to use blueberries in a different way, other than your typical blueberry pie, so I created this cupcake recipe.  I made angel food cupcakes, which are nice, light, and perfect for summer. I’d forgotten how good angel food cake can be!  Angel food cake is lower in calories than most cakes because it’s made with whipped egg whites (I used Davidson’s Safest Choice®, of course!) and doesn’t have any fat. I flavored the cake only with a little vanilla and Read More >

Eat Right With Color: California Niçoise Salad >

On 03.28.2011 by Chantel Arsenault

Now that we have given tips for hard-boiling and peeling eggs, here is an idea on how to use them. The Safest Choice™ California Niçoise Salad (sounds like nee-swahz) is a nutritional powerhouse that uses lots of hard-boiled eggs and vegetables. All of the colorful vegetables make this low sodium, high fiber salad beautiful to look at and good for you. The arugula, one of the most nutritious salad greens, is full of vitamins (A, C, K and B6) and minerals (calcium and iron). Not only is it rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber like other leafy vegetables but it is also packed with disease-preventing antioxidants. Green beans are high in fiber, contain over 10 necessary minerals (phosphorus, calcium and magnesium), and are loaded with Read More >

RD’s Perspective – Two Safe Eggs a Day >

On 03.18.2011 by Debbie Campbell, RD, LD

Safest Choice™ is pleased to feature Debbie Campbell’s expert insights as part of Jay’s Two Safe Eggs a Day Weight Loss blog series. The National Nutrition Month's theme is "Eat Right With Color."  We’ve probably heard (mostly from our moms!) to “eat your fruits and vegetables�?.  This is terrific advice, and it actually improves overall nutrition and health.  Fruits and veggies have powerful phytonutrients (read “plant compounds�?) which can help to prevent poor health and may even reverse some conditions, especially high blood pressure, heart disease, Type II diabetes, and even macular degeneration. The results are incredible.  In Jay’s case, eating these foods can improve those nasty hunger levels, which may lead to over-eating. Try these colorful foods for overall better nutrition and aim for Read More >

Smoky Deviled Eggs >

On 02.07.2011 by Chantel Arsenault

Yesterday, I attended a Super Bowl party where everyone was asked to bring a dish. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out a deviled egg recipe entry we received during a Safest Choice™ contest held last year. I'm happy to say that the Safest Choice Smoky Deviled Eggs were winners. There was A LOT of food at this party so I waited to take the eggs out of the refrigerator until halftime. This turned out to be a good idea because they were all gone before the Black Eyed Peas finished performing! I had to make a few slight modifications to the recipe submitted and you can find it linked below. My store didn't have green chilies, cilantro or sweet onion relish. Read More >

Mangia Italiano….Perfect Parsley Pasta! >

On 01.21.2011 by Vanessa Nunley

We’re pleased to share a post from More is More Mom, Vanessa Nunley. As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about….more Italian, family style, dinners! To quote the prolific Billy Joel, “A bottle of red, a bottle of white, it all depends upon your appetite. I’ll take you any time you want, to our Italian Restaurant….�? Well, I hope you’re hungry, because my family’s favorite Italian Restaurant is our very own kitchen! Why go out for dinner when we can make the Perfect Parsley Pasta at home? Open a bottle of Chianti and enjoy……. Tuscany served as inspiration for my family get together. I love it when I have the opportunity to treat my family well by making a special meal and setting a Read More >

Celebrate National Strawberry Ice Cream Day >

On 01.15.2011 by Chantel Arsenault

There is nothing like homemade ice cream, so even though it is freezing in the Chicagoland area, Safest Choice™ celebrated Strawberry Ice Cream Day by trying this Strawberry Ice Cream like Ben and Jerry's recipe found on Since most homemade ice cream recipes call for eggs, and many of those don't cook the eggs, it's a good idea to use Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs. I followed the recipe exactly, even using a Donvier ice cream maker. If you have the time I recommend letting the strawberries sit longer than an hour so you have more strawberry syurp. If you do so, the amount of milk added may need to be reduced. Enjoy your own bowl of strawberry ice cream today too!

Breakfast Pizza for National Pizza Week >

On 01.13.2011 by Chantel Arsenault

This week, the second week in January 2011 is National Pizza Week. Having pizza week in January makes sense because three out of the top 10 weeks of pizza consumption occur this month. With more pizza being consumed Super Bowl week than any other week of the year. I have been interested in trying eggs on my pizza for awhile now. Since I have yet to find a restaurant near my Chicago neighborhood that makes a version of Pizza alla Bismark I did some searching online for a recipe. Smitten Kitchen's breakfast pizza was my inspiration. As my pictures show my recipe varied and due to the lack of a stand mixer my crust was a bit more rustic, but still delicious. Smitten Kitchen's recipe Read More >

Halloween Happy Hour >

On 10.31.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

Happy Halloween! Tonight the spirits get spooky as I try the Food Network's Candy Corn Cordials, with some slight variations. I found blood red orange candy corn to make it extra gory. And, I used Safest Choice pasteurized eggs to eliminate the apprehension of using a raw egg white. The drink ending up being pretty sweet, so don't worry if you can't infuse your vodka for the full 3 hours. Also, while the blood orange candy corn tasted great, it turned the drink more of a pink-orange than the festive color I was hoping for. Cheers to a spooky and safe Halloween everyone!   Candy Corn Cordials (from Ingredients For the infused vodka: 1/2 cup candy corn 1 1/2 cups vodka For the cordials: Read More >