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Friday’s Friendly Fan: Corbin >

On 12.03.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

Friday's Friendly Fan: Corbin Safest Choice™ has recently become available in more markets and today's fan, Corbin, helped us get into his local grocery store. After looking for us a year ago in his New York City neighborhood Corbin signed our petition and took his grocer product request forms. Last month after receiving an e-mail from us informing him we were now available in Shoprite he went to the supermarket with a stack of coupons and promoted us! Corbin got a couple dozen of our eggs and he was able to educate fellow shoppers on our product. He told us in an e-mail that he started talking — a little louder than normal — to the young man putting our eggs on the dairy shelf. Read More >

Happy Holidays from Safest Choice™ >

On 11.25.2010 by Jay Berglind

This time of year more than ever, our thoughts turn gratefully to all of those who enrich our lives. There is tremendous appreciation to those who have joined our little community. In this spirit we say, simply, Thank You. Best Wishes this Holiday Season from everyone at Safest Choice.

Protecting our Business and Reputation >

On 11.01.2010 by Jay Berglind

On Thursday National Pasteurized Eggs filed a law suit against Michael Foods Inc. for patent and trademark infringement.  While we wish there were other ways of remedying the situation, it is our position that Michael Foods has violated our intellectual property.  We are a small company compared to Michael Foods – they are about 50 times larger than us in revenues – so we thought about doing this very carefully and felt this step is necessary.  We have built a business and a reputation we are proud of, based on quality, expertise in pasteurization, service to our customers and a commitment to safe foods.  We simply want to protect all of that.

Friday’s Friendly Fan: Elaine >

On 10.22.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

At our office we answer phone calls from customers daily. They have questions regarding where they can find our eggs or about the pasteurization process. At the end of every conversation we offer to send coupons. One woman received her coupons and then sent us a very nice thank you note. In the note, Elaine said it was her “first time trying our eggs and they are great.�? She then shared this delicious recipe that we will be trying this weekend. Thank you Elaine for the wonderful card and the recipe you included! Elaine’s Safe Eggs Sausage Scramble Recipe: Ingredients*: Sausage patties (crumbled) Chopped onions Chopped peppers Butter Salt Black pepper Garlic powder 8 Safest Choice eggs Mild cheddar cheese *Note: No quantities are given Read More >

Restaurant Spotlight: Ina’s in Chicago >

On 10.01.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

Ina Pinkney, the Breakfast Queen of Chicago, is a huge supporter and a great friend of Safest Choice. Recently, she kindly invited us and thirty of our registered dietitian friends to her comfortable and bright restaurant, Ina’s, in the trendy West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. The spread she prepared for our group of dietitians was amazingly delicious. The vegetable Frittata, baked French toast with apples, chicken sausage, fresh fruit, coffee and juice were phenomenal. In addition, Ina served a special dish to showcase Safest Choice eggs. Everyone was served an individual corn arepa topped with black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, and a sunny side up egg.  She chose this recipe because she would only feel comfortable serving an undercooked egg dish with our pasteurized shell Read More >

Safest Choice Eggs Promotes Food Safety Awareness >

On 09.28.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

As the end of September, National Food Safety Awareness Month, approaches the Safest Choice™ team wanted to recap an event we held to promote food safety and our pasteurized eggs.  The event was planned before the nationwide 2010 egg recall, but it did make the timing to promote food safety fitting. In the wake of the massive egg recall and salmonella outbreak, food safety has moved to the forefront of many consumers’ purchase decisions. To rally support during this time of heightened food safety awareness, Safest Choice™ hit the streets to spread the word about the  availability of safe eggs in Chicago supermarkets and beyond. The Safest Choice™ team visited high-traffic areas in Chicago on Friday September 10, 2010 distributing coupons, product literature and giveaway items to inform Read More >

Friday’s Friendly Fan: Albert Smith >

On 09.24.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

For several years Albert (Al) Smith has taken an interest in observing Safest Choice’s distribution of the unique product, pasteurized shell eggs. When asked why, his answer is simple: because it feels good. He enjoys providing help for an altruistic cause that promotes a wholesome and very useful product that may save folks from serious illness. Al feels his efforts are minimal but we think they are phenomenal. His efforts include reading food safety articles online, and then providing information or adding suggestions for other readers in the comments section. Also, Al makes it a habit to ask grocery stores if they carry Safest Choice eggs. He likes to know if they have plans to stock them so it will be easier for him to Read More >

Friday’s Friendly Fan: Ms. Grace >

On 09.17.2010 by Chantel Arsenault

We are proud that Safest Choice™ eggs has very supportive fans. Some share how happy they were to find a safe egg; some share stories; and others share recipes. That is why we have decided to share the stories of our friendly fans with you. Ms. Grace wrote to us to say that she loves eggs anyway they can be fixed, and loves them more now knowing there’s no bacteria. As a young girl in Texas wearing a flower print dress made from a feed sack, Ms. Grace helped her grandmother gather eggs from two dozen hens. She carried buckets of fresh water and feed for the hens. She also dealt with a nasty, mean-tempered red roster that watched over the hens. Apparently the demonic, evil foul Read More >

Eggs Named One of 10 Riskiest Foods >

On 10.08.2009 by safest choice

On October 6, 2009, The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) released a report identifying the 10 riskiest foods regulated by the FDA... And eggs were #2, bearing responsibility for 352 outbreaks and 11,163 reported cases of illness between 1990 and 2006. Other offenders included leafy greens, tuna, sprouts, and berries. The nonprofit watchdog group says the presence of so many healthy foods on such a list is exactly why the United States Senate should follow the House and pass legislation that reforms our fossilized food safety laws. Read full article from the CSPI. Avoid the Risk & Get Free Pasteurized Eggs! Safest Choice™ pasteurized eggs offer a solution... Our all-natural pasteurization process eliminates harmful bacteria, so you can prepare eggs any way Read More >